Friday, January 6, 2017


The numbness and ache in toes 
while legs are going up and down
and the landscape
passes by silently.

Unmistakably knowing that this
is what I am, and where I am:
Cycling through the freezing polders of Holland,
while the horizon is an orange gold.

The sky so vast 
and close
as to be One thing,
from what I am and
where I am.

Looking after my ailing mother while
siblings are needling me to do this or that.
Trying to control and program what I am doing.
Knowing and perceiving that what I am is 
freedom itself, cannot ever be controlled,
yet feeling at the same time myself 
as the whole situation.

There is never a me apart from all of this Life.

Everything experienced without filters.
The taste and texture of Dutch life.
The sweet frailty of my mother.
Family and neighbors visits.
Endless stories telling of their 
concerns, pains and struggles.
And the body adjusting to the differences 
of temperature, timezone and nourishment.

Never a me separate from
what I am and where I am.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Every Single Thing

Life immutable.

Always pulsating.
Throwing up forms.

Every single thing on the planet is expressing This 
in its own unique way.

Depending on its blue print, climate, character, 
culture, DNA, soul's intention. 

Fossiles, mammals, plants, humans, all of creation

In some it blooms and blossoms, 
and awakenings can be part of this.

In others it grows stunted and is riddled 
with misfortune and trauma. 

And then receding back again
in the Unmanifest.

Cycles of Life.

Ups and Downs.
Glorious abundance.
Breathing in
Breathing out
Death and decay. 

Everything is always in process.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soo funny

As a consequence of integration and actualization 
which happens after awakening, 
the exclusive focus on Nonduality 
as a separate object to be busy with, has disappeared.  

In the beginning, just after the idea that there is a separate entity had evaporated, ( the honey moon phase )
there was a wish to understand what had happened.
And in my case, there was a lot of reaching out to others,
to share the joy of recognition.

This amazing open secret of intimacy with all that is, 
that is so available 
and always here already.

Hours and hours were spend in sharing, talking and verbalizing 
about the one thing which cannot be grasped. 

And in the process of doing so, 
made a conceptual world come into being.  

As if it is possible to talk about This
Giving the illusion that it is something 
which can be given or got.

As if ND is something separate from life.

Since some time the interest in doing this has disappeared

Even Nonduality can be a trap
a conceptual overlay 
where you take up a station.

As if you have reached somewhere.

 Soo funny... 

Life is just life, living.
With all and everything included.


Friday, December 2, 2016