Sunday, May 8, 2016

Are you present and aware?

The instruments of the body mind,  
through which emptiness experiences
and expresses itself,
have been geared from day one 
to notice seamlessly all that appears.

Not perceiving separation as the personality structure 
has not been build up yet.

At first in awe about the endless wonder of things,
and as education and conditioning 
are making their inroad
through parents, siblings, teachers, friends,
in an ever increasing sense of unease.

Slowly giving in to the demands and expectations of the ones who care for us, we start to loose our wholeness and start to identify with the persona.

Our attention gets mesmerised and caught 
by the self-referential thoughts and patterns 
we mistakingly call me.
Taking us away from here and now
to regrets and guilt of the past or 
hopes and fears for the future.

All the while the senses are hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, here and now.

Always present yes,
but mostly not aware.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A next jacket?

What is it in us that is perceiving?
What is it that is reading these words right now?

What is it that is noticing the difference 
in temperature in the room 
or the sudden feeling of unease?

The taste of coffee
the irritating noise of the drilling machine next door.
Thoughts about the dinner you had yesterday with a friend?

Who or what is seeing this all coming and going?

Whatever is right now in our field of perception
is effortlessly seen, noticed and felt.

What is it?

This most basic and primal principle.

Without it nothing even exist because it is not perceived.

Who and what are we?

This is a most amazing journey and adventure,
if we can do this exploration for the sake of truth,
for a need to know.

If we do this with an intention to get something out of this,
or to make us feel better 
we will get disappointed.

The brutal fact is that this journey 
is not to acquire and achieve but rather
to see through, let go, and loose.

To notice everything and anything which is 
limiting us, defining us.

And if we can be aware enough we see
that these are just habits,
thought-constructs which at times help us 
to navigate through life but often 
limit us and enslave us.

If we can see this happening,
we already create space, 
loosen the identification with the personal story.

But notice that at any time the strong habit
of identifying can crawl into the next jacket.

e.g. the ND person who has seen It.
Who is beyond it all 
and can now assume an identity around This 
of feeling more special or more free.

Another crutch to hang on to?


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Turn it off?

This strange experience we call Life.

Perceptions continuous.

An ongoing barrage of sounds, sights, smells, 
sensations, thoughts, emotions, intimations, insights.

At times pleasant and pleasing 
and at others 
uncomfortable and uneasy

And to notice the response to all that 
in this alive functioning organism.

Seemingly at random, 
and perceived by something.

What is this Something?

What is It? 

What is it that perceives all This?

What is it that is aware of all these sense perceptions?
thoughts, emotions?

Is is something we do?

Are we straining ourselves?

Or is it effortless taking place?

Strange thing is,
we cannot even turn it off.


Sunday, April 3, 2016