Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scrambled eggs

Out of the ferns
sliding silent and smooth.
Two meters long and intense
across aeons of time.

Shaking out an old bed sheet
tiny gecko eggs.
white, tumble and crash.
Scrambled eggs for breakfast
for hundreds of ants.

It is a rude awakening to realize
( often after decades of searching
that there is no enlightenment to get.   
That there is nothing to obtain, 
but everything to loose. 

This does not only mean that 
we can drop the search, 
but that we are asked to question the premise  
that we are a person.

Everything stands and falls by this identification.

Realizing who and what we are,
we fall into the discovery
of the emptiness of ones true nature
and the fullness of existence 

Everything is instantly and
intimately experienced 
at no distance of one self.

There is no separation 
anywhere to be found.

Check it out.... 



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Collecting dust

 At one point through insights and/or grace
( which is the same )
the impulse might come to stop following,
to stop believing what other people are telling us.

Getting fed up listening again and again to one of those
ND guys or girls sitting there in front singing their songs.?
( my God how many hours can one take of this non sensical prattle ? )

Not even bothering any more to read the latest ND books
which we have ordered out of habit, 
and which is collecting dust on our table.?

Websites and youtube interviews.?

 Thousands of hours...

Fed up with listening,  reading about it.?

Who knows some momentum might be gathering to
stop consuming. 
Stop going out to take in more and more of the ND lullabies
and just look and see..

Where are you reading these words from?

See for yourself

Nobody can do this for you.

It is the end of the someone who is
trying to get somewhere.

And only seeing/perceiving is left.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Step back

Step back 
step back..

Back from the motivations to act. 

From the identification with the 
swirling thoughts 
and lingering feelings
passing by like buses and cars in
front of our window.

Back from everything which defines us as a person. 
Step back from everything which tells us 
that we are limited and separate.

Step back just a little while 
as if it is a game we play.

Like the game we played in reverse
when we came into the world and played
the game of being the little boy and girl 
because we so much wanted to please our parents.
After all the survival of this body depended
on their interest in us.  


 And after playing the game of being this little girl or boy
for some time we forgot that it was just a game,  
because no one told us otherwise.

And with this forgetting we lost home. 
Not knowing any more who we truly are. 

Instead we identified with this pseudo identity.
Always sensing something is not quite right,
something is missing,
something is wrong.

And as everyone else, we started to look outward,
somewhere else for completion.
Relationships,  work,  money,  enlightenment, cats and dogs,
children, cigarettes, sex and drugs and rock and roll.
Anything at all to fill up the hole created by this misidentification.

We have lost sight of the simple fact of being,
Unconditionally present.
Always here and now.
And more intimate than our own breath.

Step back and see what is always present already..

Consent to be nothing and none, dissolve Time's work
Cast of thy mind, step back from form and name
Annul thyself that only God may be. 
                                                             Sri Aurobindo

Monday, March 24, 2014