Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Turn it off?

This strange experience we call Life.

Perceptions continuous.

An ongoing barrage of sounds, sights, smells, 
sensations, thoughts, emotions, intimations, insights.

At times pleasant and pleasing 
and at others 
uncomfortable and uneasy

And to notice the response to all that 
in this alive functioning organism.

Seemingly at random, 
and perceived by something.

What is this Something?

What is It? 

What is it that perceives all This?

What is it that is aware of all these sense perceptions?
thoughts, emotions?

Is is something we do?

Are we straining ourselves?

Or is it effortless taking place?

Strange thing is,
we cannot even turn it off.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Didn't know...

Bubbling up like champagne.
Drunk from all what comes in through the senses.

Did not know that the colour green could be so heady,
and that the sounds of bird singing 
and the fridge humming
could be so tantalizingly sweet.

A friend just visited 
and the laughter of merriness
bellows into the garden
as eyes shine 
and bellies shake.

Grateful for all that appears.

The healing of broken bones.
The amazing capacity of the body.
Movement once again
where before all was mangled and torn.

Grateful for contractions appearing 
accompanied by decades of long buried 
feelings of sadness 
of feeling unsafe.
Finally they are allowed and welcomed into 
this open loving space where they are held.
Tell their story of abandonment and hurt,
and move on.
And Freedom finding ever more space to be.

What a wonderful adventure 
to find all these treasures
wherever we turn.


Monday, March 21, 2016


The direct perception.

The direct touch of a colour, green, red, blue.

Being moved by music, a sunset, a beautiful form.

Being moved by an emotion, happiness, sadness.

Everything appears and is known.

Known without thoughts.

Through the direct contact.

Can you see this happening in your own experience?

Thought comes into being as a story told after the 
appearance has taken place.

Or just pops up randomly
about the past or the future.

This is how it operates for everyone.

The difference with being awake or not, 
is that when you know that your identity
is not anything in particular
thoughts are not taken in anymore 
as the most important element.

It is seen as an appearance among all others.

It is seen that it is a story,
told to keep an identity in place,
and to create an artificial separation 
between me and others,
between me and the rest of the world.

If this is seen through there is the being 
touched by all that comes in through the senses.

The smells, the sights, the sounds, the emotions.
Coming and going continuously without stop.
Without interpretation.
Without filters.

Life being touched by Life.

Always,always there are perceptions coming and going.

If the nature of thoughts 
and the identity it is keeping alive 
is seen for what it is,
it is life living.

Thursday, March 10, 2016