Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Rock 'n Roll


Step back.
Step back.

Back from the motivations to act. 

From the identification with the 
swirling thoughts 
and lingering feelings
passing by like buses and cars in
front of our window.

Back from everything 
which defines us as a person. 

Step back from everything which tells us 
that we are limited and separate.

Step back just a little while 
as if it is a game we play.

When we came into the world, we played
the game of being the little child
because we so much needed to please.
 Our survival depended on it.

 After playing the game of being this little girl or boy
for some time we forgot that it was just a game,  
because no one told us otherwise.

And with this forgetting we lost home, 
not knowing any more who we truly are. 

Instead, we identified with this pseudo-identity
always sensing something is not quite right,
something is missing,
something is wrong.

And as everyone else, 
we started to look
somewhere else for completion.
Relationships,  work,  money,  enlightenment, 
cats and dogs, children, cigarettes, 
sex and drugs and rock and roll.

Anything at all to fill up the hole 
created by this misidentification.

We lost sight of the simple fact of being.

Unconditionally present.

Always here and now.

And more intimate than our own breath.

Step back. 

And see what is always present already..

Wednesday, December 29, 2021




Opening up to
what is
what you are
right here
right now,
the seeking stops, 
the search ends.

From a personal point of view a calamity. 
An existence where there are no more goals
no more ideas and ideals to go after.
The center of the universe,
the idea of being a person collapses. 
And everything which made sense before
is now seen to be empty, meaningless.

But when existence is pulled free
from this limited point of view,
reveals itself to itself. 
And Life becomes a wondrous happening.
A mysterious unknown
where everything is full of meaning.
Fullness itself without explanations.
The immediacy of perceiving what Is.
The beauty.
The ear-splitting silence.
The peace that passeth all understanding 
The total acceptance of what Is.
Choicelessly aware

Friday, December 10, 2021



The conversation

The conversation

this morning where the soft sand gave way

when my bare foot came down,

the dewdrops from the grass

trickle down the ankle,

and the sound of small twigs

break on the forest floor.

The conversation

yesterday at acro yoga

with the weight and the delicate finding of ease

as one balances in midair upside down

on some other body’s feet.

Not knowing anymore where one body starts

and the other begins.

Only sensations of stretching, balancing

of weight and movement are perceived.

The world seen from unusual angles.

The conversation

at all times ongoing

as we move and see,

hear and smell,

taste and touch,

all and everything that appears

in our field of perceptions.

A fullness and aliveness always here

but rarely noticed in its richness and intensity

as most of our attention stays captivated

by the belief in the reference point we call me.

While at each moment

a million things are going on,

the narration of keeping this me aliveness

hijacks the direct perceptions.

The Aliveness without filters.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021