Monday, July 14, 2014

Endless stories

Going through the day just notice that each and every
conversation is a story about something.

Something which happened in the past 
or what will happen in the future.
About what happened to others,
family or friends.

It is about aches or pain.
Or what went wrong,  
with all the details,  intricacies where
we dig out and emphasize 
where someone,  
or something
went of the rails.

Or about THE solutions through which 
all the problems 
of the world,  
or my life,
or society will for surely be solved,  
if only they would listen,  
if only they knew.

And while all the focus is on the stories 
and our reactions to the stories told,  
notice that it is on something which
is NOT happening now.

Living in our stories
we miss the immediacy
and the endless wonder of things.

Did you notice?

Friday, July 11, 2014

poor thing...

Why not to question one's own assumptions?
Why not to think outside of the box?
Why to aim for certainty?
When constant change is all we got.

Nothing in the universe, 
( and to stay closer at home: )
Nothing in one's own experience and perception
stays ever the same..

Watch how the mind is trying 
in vain to aim for lasting aims.
How it tries again and again to come up
with schemes and charts to outline and predict
what is unpredictable,
fresh and new

And as the mind is doing its thing, 
( poor thing.. )
sensations,  emotions,  moods,  thoughts,
perceptions,  sounds,  colours,  shapes and forms
are passing by in an unending stream.

The Wowness of it All