Sunday, October 29, 2017


When there is hope that 
tomorrow will be better..

When there is hope that
what is right here
will be changed 
into a brighter future...

When we hope that later on
what is right now
will smoothen out
and be more comfortable..

we live in resistance to what is.

with all its imperfections
and challenges
is not good enough.

with all the odd bits 
here and there
is not living up to 
our dreams and expectations.

It is only when 
all hope 
all aspirations for a great tomorrow
all desire for a better life
have left us...

that we are confronted with 
the beauty and immediacy 
of what is 
right here and now.

The blinkers fallen from our eyes.

Suddenly aware of the  
unimaginable extraordinary 
ordinariness of existence.

Life as it is.

Monday, October 23, 2017


When the I fixation has dissolved,

when the bubble of personal identification has burst,

when thoughts are not believed anymore,

when feelings and perception are seen for what they are:

and when this new found freedom is filtering down,

opening up the layers of personally identity,
( the nooks and crannies where the me-habit is hiding
cramping the style of Self, )

when integration and deepening
( which can take years )
are a natural process after an initial awakening,

then the results are visceral, physical.

A peace and ease are 
effortlessly present in the body.


Friday, October 6, 2017


Massive rains throughout the night
with a thunder coming in at times.

Now early morning
a gentle cool breeze touching my legs

The songs of birds
muted by humidity.

Sitting here typing
sipping coffee 
the body slowly waking up
the being alert.

While we sleep, the night with dreaming 
is passing by almost unnoticed.
When the luminous awake being that we are
is doing its dance of discovery and creativity,
only at times do we remember.

The part of us which has been put on earth
has its life narrowed down so much,
( closed in by the identifications
with body, character, personality, believes,
tendencies, likes and dislikes )
that only at times do we realize 
the magnificence of what we are
and the openendedness of our being.

Uniquely this one expression of All that Is,
and not in any way separated from anything else.

We are where we are because of everything 
which exists and happened before us.  

Meaning everything.

The interdependence of everything that exist is
baffling, mind blowing.

Just take only oxygen, which sustains all of life,
which is dependent on the fact that the universe, 
the earth had to come into being first. 
Where the development of growth of plants had to take place
for the production of oxygen to happen.

Anything which is happening right now,
any activity, or movement can be traced back similarly.

Cells had to come into being, develop, multiply,
and after a miraculous process produce
fish, reptile, mammals, human beings.

For me to make one movement
the whole human evolution had to occur.
My great grandparents had to meet each other 
and have children.

The whole universe came into being 
to enable me at this moment 
to wiggle my toe.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Meaning Everything

There is often an amusement 
about discussions on the net on e.g.
personal and the impersonal.
As there is only Oneness

And in this and as this everything plays out.

Meaning everything

Meaning everything we might call
personal or impersonal. 

After all they are just words.

Do we first have to demarcate a difference
between personal and impersonal,
and then say that This includes both?

Is that not obvious?

Since there is only One?

Nothing is ever excluded.
How could it be?

But then of course debates about
personal and impersonal, or come to that, 

about dual and nondual,
are also playing out in This and as This.

Awareness mirroring itself in a billion ways.

Life is what is happening 
when we are busy debating on the net. :-)

 ( Free transfiguration of a famous quote mostly attributed to John Lennon )