Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hope ?

When there is hope that 
tomorrow will be better..

When there is hope that
what is right here
will be changed 
into a brighter future...

When we hope that later on
what is right now
will smoothen out
and be more comfortable..

we live in resistance to what is.

with all its imperfections
and challenges
is not good enough.

with all the odd bits 
here and there
is not living up to 
our dreams and expectations.

It is only when 
all hope 
all aspirations for a great tomorrow
all desire for a better life
have left us...

that we are confronted with 
the beauty and immediacy 
of what is 
right here and now.

The blinkers fallen from our eyes.

Suddenly aware of the  
unimaginable extraordinary 
ordinariness of existence.

The mystery of life 
as it is.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fashion models

Growing up, as little children,
we are noticing everything directly,
as there is not yet a fixed position.

It is one fluid field of knowing. 

Until we are conditioned,
from morning to night,
that what we are is limited to the body.   
This is our identity.

And as nobody has told us 
of the ever present nature
of our being,  
we believe the lie and
settle for a fake reality 

Somewhere we know we are 
beautiful and divine.

But we are told not to brag, 
not to show ourselves 
and to hide.

Somewhere we know we are 
timeless, ageless and perfect.

But we are never confirmed 
in this intuitive knowing and thus
slide into inferiority complexes 
because our ever changing
appearance does not match the 
fashion models of this moment.

Somewhere we know we are 
ever present and all knowing;
our direct perceptions revealing 
the truth of existence as it is.

But we get caught up in the 
story of separation of human 'doings.'
Entering the stream of time. 
Of past and future.
And end up living in a conceptual framework 
where things are only known by its labels.

Somewhere we all know we are 
already whole and complete.

And that is why this message 
of Nonduality is resonating.

It is already telling us
what we know to be true.

This message of our true nature 
which has been forgotten and beaten
out of us from early childhood.

Trust this message?
Let it take us home?

A place we never left.

As this is All there is
and what we Are.  

The direct knowing of this moment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The  nature of Knowing is Knowing.

Knowing knows.

Knowing is impersonal.

Deals with actualities only.

Knowing does not get lost in past stories 
or projects into the future.
But it sees a thought of the past 
or the imaginings of tomorrow
appearing and disappearing

The Knowing knows a thought,  
a sight, a sound,
a feeling, a touch.  
All is known by Knowing.

It is clear and alive,
and always now.
Always present.

Never not Here

Other words for Knowing are Seeing, Being

In Knowing/Seeing/Being there is no separate object. 

The object-subject dynamic has collapsed.

There is only one Thing.

One Taste.

One Intimate tasting 
of all the different expressions
of and as Itself.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Alarmed a squirrel shrieks.

A butterfly flutters around the huge ceramic vessel on the terrace.

Strong wind through the trees.

Rhythmic the rod from the windmill cling clangs as it bangs against the pipes.

The curtain moves a little.

Ferns sway to and fro.

Thoughts pop up
and fingers tap.

There is no, 
there never was
a person at the center
of perception.

The sense of separation,
of being a person is also

By whom?

By what?

A seamless totality 
where everything appears and disappears.

Just the happening of this moment.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Do we have to trust and accept?

Or are acceptance and trust the substance of the Universe?

At each moment Life presents itself in innumerable forms.

Go for a walk in the forest or a city.
Shapes change while we move.
Colours and sounds appear and disappear and
creatures and cars come and go.

Effortlessly,  spontaneously,  naturally.

They do not need trust or acceptance 
to appear as they do.

Wherever we are and whatever presents itself
everything is already totally accepted.

The abundance of Life pouring out as it does.
With its ups and its downs.
The sunny days and the cyclones.
The ecstasy and the depression.

Happening without resistance.

Only those who are under the spell 
of being separate from creation 
will try to accept
what has been accepted 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Front row seats

All we ever are is appearing Now.
At this moment.

The stories about who we are and our past
we drag into the present 
and the Presence.
And give them front row seats.

We give them all our attention and 
identify; this is ME.

It has become a habit 
we do not fully notice. 
An automatism.

But wait... 

Where are they, 
those stories, 
when we do not think about them?


And who are we without our stories?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Tree?

Is it possible to look at something 
without its descriptions?

To take in all the information and not be 
waylaid by all what we have learned about it?

We look at a tree and
automatically associations are coming up:

The latin or common name

It looks dry it could use some water.
I hope the monsoon will be good this year.

I am so glad it is close to the terrace so
it gives some shade.  etc etc.

Now look again or keep looking.

Is it possible to see the shapes and colours
without any descriptions and labels?

Sensing rather than describing.

A wordless allowing of all the information to enter.

The textures, the colours,  
The rustling sounds when
the wind goes through the leaves
The smell, the temperature of the shade.

All the sense perceptions open to whatever comes.
There is no reaching out or wanting to organize.   

Taking in the raw information through the senses.

In this way of perceiving the structure of the
observer and the observed collapse.

There is seeing but there is 
not a separate something
seeing a separate other thing.

Seeing includes the whole of the field.
All the colours and shapes and sense perceptions.

And then the tree disappears as we do not
know anymore what we are seeing
and what It is that is seeing.

There is only the seeing/perceiving operating.



Sunday, November 16, 2014


Are there any special conditions required to
apprehend the truth of our own being?

Contrary to what we are assuming or
are lead to believe,
at any time 
at any stage and 
at any place 
seeing through the mirage is possible.

Difficult situations
challenging circumstances
hardship and pain are NOT an

It is in trying situations that we are confronted 
with borders, resistance and limitations.
And at each moment we can investigate if
identification with a personal me is involved 
or not.

A challenging situation
will create resistance, tension
and therefore more hardship,
if there is personal identification.

But never at any time is there a hindrance to know
the truth of our own being.

Presence awareness shines.

Ask the question at any time:
Is there at this moment the awareness of being aware?

And if the answer is:  'Yes'
can we settle for that?
Stay with the simplicity of
knowing who we are?

Or do we see immediately a story starting up?
Resisting the plain and obvious
for a story about me,  
about past  
about wrongs done to me?

Maybe time to investigate this?


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our ordinary everyday experience...

There is only Oneness.
Oneness is the substance of the Universe
and is already Self Aware.

If we can see the indivisible nature of Existence,
if we realize that there is nothing outside of This
it follows that we are It.

We are already Self Aware.
Aware of the fundamental nature of reality,
as we are.

Our everyday ordinary experience of what we call ourselves
is already Oneness having the ordinary everyday experience,
as there is nothing outside of This.

If there is enough interest and if we are moved to do so
we will be lead to observe ourselves and 
extricate all that tells us that we are not
already whole and complete.

All the thoughts which keep the story spinning 
around a fictitious me.
Everything that tells that we are separate and limited.

Behind and through our conditioning is 
the unlimited nature of beingness,
the nature of the universe
and our natural state.

All in One

Being aware of being aware.

Already Self Aware.

Friday, October 31, 2014



on rocky terrain, 
sandy beaches
or endless paved roadways.

are exactly where they are meant to be.
In the right place at the right time as
this is where we are.

The foot lifts and places itself.
One step at a time
and so the body moves.


like an accident, 
a birth or death,
an illness or

are exactly what is meant to happen
as this is what is happening.

And depending on our conditioning
we will flow with what is or not.
Resist or welcome the changes
in our life.

In this we have no choice
but we can see that this is happening.

An inhale and the belly expands.
An exhale and out comes the air
and so life goes on.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Perfumes of Emptiness

We talk about the different perfumes of Emptiness.
In a vain attempt to name the Nameless.

We are moved to call it Peace or Understanding.
Or in reverence say it is Silence and Knowing.

We put those words in Caps.
To express the beauty and immediacy.

And all those words fail
as This defies description.

A friend suggested yesterday we call it all Crap.
So we do not get confused by all those
lofty labels.

Does it matter how we call It?

Is it an It?

Do we need to give a name to know
what we are?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What kind of world?

What do we meet when we meet someone, a friend
or a casual contact?
What is it that resonates in us, or makes us recoil
and turn away?

How could we recognize anything if it did not
already correspond to something alive in us?

If it would be alien we would not recognize it.

When we fall in love with someone it is our own openness,
oneness and depth we fall into.
If we meet the anger and irritation from an apparent other
it is only recognized because it is already known to us.

We simply recognize everything as it 
comes into our field of awareness.

It only becomes a problem for an apparent individual who
creates a story that what appears should be different.
We resist and react. 

But if we find fault
we only make observations about ourselves
as Nisargadatta and Emerson are aptly telling us:

"First realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself
and stop finding fault with the reflection."

~ Nisargadatta

"People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world
is a confession of character."

~ Emerson


We only ever meet ourselves.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Freedom

Debates and discourses in talks and satsangs
can at times trigger the notion,
in the one listening, 
that there is a someone who should or could
understand the subject matter.

It might even at times bring up resistance
and hence reinforce the felt separation.

Is it possible for the
mind/person to understand This?

While all the while what is attempted is
to point to the fact that there is no separate
individual in the first place.

There is only this open aware something
in which and as which all is happening.

The freedom of being nothing and none.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Like a leaf...

What changes after the illusion of being 
a someone has fallen away?
What is different when the personal
energetic contraction has evaporated?

Well actually not much.

Before things were just happening
and after things are just happening.

An illusion is gone,  that is all. illusion is real 
before it is seen as an illusion.
Therefore the illusion of being a someone
who is in control has an enormous influence.

Because of this belief we think and act
as if we are responsible for our actions.
And we are trying our level best to make our lives
successful, happy, prosperous, comfortable, meaningful etc.
And we become frustrated, irritated, upset, tense,
( in other words we resist
if life is not going the way we want.

What if we had no control over any of this and never had? 
after all:
Do we choose our genes, DNA, our country of birth
or our gender?
Do we choose the events, calamities, actions happening
to us, or the people we meet?
Do we choose our moods, our depressions and irritations?
And do we choose our thoughts and inclinations?
Or are things just happening?

What if there never was control?

When the belief in this illusion has fallen away
we fall into the openness of life
In free fall.

When the personal contraction 
has nothing to hold on to anymore
we surrender to unknowing.
Like a child carried by its mother.
Like a leaf blown by the wind.

The bliss of letting go.

Life happening

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is a terrible message for the person.

There is Nothing in the topic of Nonduality for the person.

There is not a someone who will get 
more happy, more free, more intelligent.

This is NOT what the person wants to hear.

It is a bleak landscape with no control.

An emptiness which is disconcerting.

When through Grace the contraction
of a felt identity falls away,
the center of existence of this person is gone.

The me around which the entire life has been operating
my story,  my character,  my past,  my blah blah 
drops away.

Much like they say in all the texts:
it is the death of the personal self.

At the same time:
You are already That which is aware and sees
the story of the person happening.
Sees everything always happening.

And there is Nothing that needs to be done
to come closer to what you are.

It is the noticing of presence of awareness.
And noticing that this is already in place.
Always has been.

The simplicity of This is something from which
the mind and self turn away.
Can't be this.
Can't be this simple.

And they go on
hand in hand
looking for things to do,
how to come closer
to what is.

Maybe just notice this tendency of the mind?
Notice this happening in what we are?

Awareness sees it All.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life at Zero Distance

How far do we have to travel,
what distance we have to go,
what time frame will deliver,
the freedom from ourselves?

In a way we all feel something is not right.
We look for happiness somewhere else.
Because where we are it is not.

And that is right.

When the identification is not seen through,
when we believe ourselves to be
a someone separate from what is,
the filters in place will distort our perceptions.

Life is experienced through a haze of concepts and ideas.

Life feels limited,  predictable and boring.

A daily routine, 
or family set up, 
or work situation,
or our depression and illness,
we blame for an unfulfilled life.

What if for once we question everything.
All labels, beliefs and assumptions.

And inquire into the nature of what we truly are.

 The freedom from the idea of being a someone
will strip us naked.

And we will discover that fulfillment
is here and now.

Life at zero distance.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014


What if we were never separate in the first place.?

What if the energetic contraction 
which is felt at this moment is just 
a temporary suit and mask which
we agreed to wear at a masked ball party.?

And then we forgot that it
was just a party and kept 
wearing this persona.
Pretending to be so and so.
Everyone playing a game.
Cases of mistaken identity.

What if in allowing this possibility
to be felt.. this perfume to enter
that we are just actors in our own movie.?
The simple dawning of the realization
that we are in fact NOT this person with
this story...?. 

What if we could perceive of the possibility 
that we are in fact the screen 
and all the props 
and characters appearing,  
we are the walls, 
the smells 
and all the sights 
and sounds.?

And we are the One watching the movie as well.

In fact there is nothing outside of what I am.

What if this is already how it is?

What if?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Endless stories

Going through the day just notice that each and every
conversation is a story about something.

Something which happened in the past 
or what will happen in the future.
About what happened to others,
family or friends.

It is about aches or pain.
Or what went wrong,  
with all the details,  intricacies where
we dig out and emphasize 
where someone,  
or something
went of the rails.

Or about THE solutions through which 
all the problems 
of the world,  
or my life,
or society will for surely be solved,  
if only they would listen,  
if only they knew.

And while all the focus is on the stories 
and our reactions to the stories told,  
notice that it is on something which
is NOT happening now.

Living in our stories
we miss the immediacy
and the endless wonder of things.

Did you notice?

Friday, July 11, 2014

poor thing...

Why not to question one's own assumptions?
Why not to think outside of the box?
Why to aim for certainty?
When constant change is all we got.

Nothing in the universe, 
( and to stay closer at home: )
Nothing in one's own experience and perception
stays ever the same..

Watch how the mind is trying 
in vain to aim for lasting aims.
How it tries again and again to come up
with schemes and charts to outline and predict
what is unpredictable,
fresh and new

And as the mind is doing its thing, 
( poor thing.. )
sensations,  emotions,  moods,  thoughts,
perceptions,  sounds,  colours,  shapes and forms
are passing by in an unending stream.

The Wowness of it All


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moaning about shackles?

When Oneness is making itself felt within a human story,  
it is often in the guise of a calamity:
an accident,  
a severe disease, 
the loss of a dear one,
depressions which sends us into the pitts,
being laid off work.

And all this coming out of nowhere.
Appearing suddenly.
Ripping apart the well manicured borders
of our existence.

Suddenly confronted with the unknown,
the emptiness,
the depth of the abyss.
And the agonizing knowledge that nothing in
our education, upbringing,  in fact nothing
in our lives has prepared us for this.

Where to turn,
how to manage, control 
this onslaught of debilitating 
and terrifying energies and

Emptiness, This aware and intelligent presence
shakes itself just a bit to free itself of some of 
the shackles which have covered up its existence.
As on a chess board, eliminate a few of the
personas we have identified with over the years;
the able bodied provider,
the worker,
the good house wife,
in order to make room 
for recognition to take place.

And yes this might feel painful and hurting
in the beginning,  like loosing a skin,
and having to confront life in a vulnrable
and raw manner.

But heeyy why not look around in this unfamiliar space. 
Look emptiness right in the face. 
And we might find that suddenly we 
are at home just then and there.

Who will moan about the shackles 
leaving them behind, when 
stepping through the prison door
to freedom??.


Monday, June 16, 2014

A clear view

This message can never be understood with words.

It is not an intellectual grasping.

It is in fact the end 
of all grasping
of all wanting to get
of wanting to understand 

The end of trying 
to reach something
some place
some state

And it is the end of the feeling that
something is wrong
or missing
or of lack
of something out of place

It is arriving home.
A place we lost sight of
looking for something else.

The search and the grasping,
the looking for completion and fulfillment
are inherent to being identified with the contracted energy
we have mistakenly called me.

The place we never left is the true sense of I
which shines already through the stories which
thoughts and emotions are spinning.

This place which is a placeless place, home,  
is our felt sense of who we are.

And on top of this open emptiness has accumulated
over the years layer after layer of labels, conditioning
ideas, beliefs which because we give them credence, 
have condensed into an energetic construction.

A clear view will reveal this erroneous assumption
We are ever only Oneness looking for Itself

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Freedom loves to share Itself

Loves to tumble and play
Soar and dive
a whirling dance of ecstasy

Knocking down limitations
you and me
on the way

Whispers and calls
Grinds down
and smashes
all that is
holding back

No means too low
no measure too mean

All and everything
is food for its
insatiable hunger

It wants all for Itself

Freedom loves to play with Itself

An orgasmic dance of hide and seek

Monday, June 2, 2014

finding its way through the cracks...

Heeyy you daring one,
Do you feel the urge to step out of the prison?

Questioning Life?

What is the purpose?  

Who am I ?

Courageous you are doing this, going 

against conditioning, culture, upbringing.

And clear and strong to even 

be able to look at life this way.
After all people around you might 

think you are a little nuts isn't it?
Not understanding this drive and passion.

Where is this daring,  this clarity and strength
coming from? 

Did you fabricate this in your own 

little clarity and strength factory?

Or did you buy it yesterday at the corner shop?

Where does this urge originate?

If this message starts to wear down the vestiges
of the contracted identity,  
and one knows intellectually
that the person as such has no reality,
that the person was and is never real,
it might dawn that the urge
to free oneself is freedom itself
wanting to obliterate all that stands
in the way.

There never was a person looking for freedom.
Freedom is already finding its way
through the cracks.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

The easiest way to San Francisco...

Confusion confusion
who am I?
Am i the one who is trying to figure out these ND words
trying to understand this ununderstandable message?
Or is the process of trying to understand just an automatic
functioning of the mind.?

Like the heart is beating
and the blood is pumping
the mind is trying to understand.
As this is what the mind does.
Trying to figure things out, 
organize and put them into place.

But then who am I?
And who is asking the question who am I?

Is it the same mind which wants to know 
the easiest way to travel to San Francisco?

You can't get there, here,  with the mind.
You re already here.
Let the mind run and run
and meanwhile just look
and see.

Where are you right now?

Here isn't it?

And what do you notice?

You notice noticing

You see seeing happening

You experience experiencing happening

This is It...

Too simple for the mind
who will go on a few million more rounds
trying to figure out the unfiguroutable.

And while it goes on,  and on and on,
just notice noticing happening,
aware of awaring happening.

Naturally and spontaneously
Always on,  
always on going
and there is not a someone there
doing it.

Just life happening.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hope ?

It is the habit of mind to make sense.
To put things into place and organize.

And i see that after the hypnosis of being an 
independent entity has been seen through, 
mind continues more subtly to see patterns and 
trying to fit everything  into the scheme of things, e.g:

Is there an evolutionary transformation happening?
Are more and more awakenings happening?
Is the planet waking up?

( Is there still hope? )

Or one goes, or people around oneself are going 
through changes, ( like always ) and mind 
can cleverly comment: this is part of the 
awakening process, or some other process,
any process and comes up with arguments to testify to this.

( Is there still a kind of order, continuity, something we
   can follow and which makes sense?  )

How do we ever know?

It is an inexplicable mysterious happening.
Each moment.

Mind is too concerned with seeing patterns.
And it is too narrow,  too late.

And as soon as the mind comes up with a statement
there is a position,  a reference point.
A place from which the world and self is seen 
and commented upon

Can we live in unknowing?

Seeing the tendencies of the mind to understand
and grasp and let this pass?

Can we give up everything at each moment
again and again.

Emptying out everything,
not holding on to any position.?

A total open portal.

Can we?