Saturday, May 24, 2014

The easiest way to San Francisco...

Confusion confusion
who am I?
Am i the one who is trying to figure out these ND words
trying to understand this ununderstandable message?
Or is the process of trying to understand just an automatic
functioning of the mind.?

Like the heart is beating
and the blood is pumping
the mind is trying to understand.
As this is what the mind does.
Trying to figure things out, 
organize and put them into place.

But then who am I?
And who is asking the question who am I?

Is it the same mind which wants to know 
the easiest way to travel to San Francisco?

You can't get there, here,  with the mind.
You re already here.
Let the mind run and run
and meanwhile just look
and see.

Where are you right now?

Here isn't it?

And what do you notice?

You notice noticing

You see seeing happening

You experience experiencing happening

This is It...

Too simple for the mind
who will go on a few million more rounds
trying to figure out the unfiguroutable.

And while it goes on,  and on and on,
just notice noticing happening,
aware of awaring happening.

Naturally and spontaneously
Always on,  
always on going
and there is not a someone there
doing it.

Just life happening.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hope ?

It is the habit of mind to make sense.
To put things into place and organize.

And i see that after the hypnosis of being an 
independent entity has been seen through, 
mind continues more subtly to see patterns and 
trying to fit everything  into the scheme of things, e.g:

Is there an evolutionary transformation happening?
Are more and more awakenings happening?
Is the planet waking up?

( Is there still hope? )

Or one goes, or people around oneself are going 
through changes, ( like always ) and mind 
can cleverly comment: this is part of the 
awakening process, or some other process,
any process and comes up with arguments to testify to this.

( Is there still a kind of order, continuity, something we
   can follow and which makes sense?  )

How do we ever know?

It is an inexplicable mysterious happening.
Each moment.

Mind is too concerned with seeing patterns.
And it is too narrow,  too late.

And as soon as the mind comes up with a statement
there is a position,  a reference point.
A place from which the world and self is seen 
and commented upon

Can we live in unknowing?

Seeing the tendencies of the mind to understand
and grasp and let this pass?

Can we give up everything at each moment
again and again.

Emptying out everything,
not holding on to any position.?

A total open portal.

Can we?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A bug in the system

Our view,  our perceptions 
are already Nondual,
are already direct and immediate.

Are already just happening,
just appearing
and just noticed.

They are already known for what they are.
Are already totally welcomed and accepted.
As this is what is happening.

Our perceptions and views,  
thoughts and feelings
do not need permission or 
acknowledgment to do what they do.
Which is just appearing the way they do.

It is what is happening.

The apparent person is in no way needed or necessary
for any functioning to take place the way it does.

Like with babies, young children and with animals.
Things,  life is happening just fine.

The person is an after thought.

A bug in the system.

A virus which has put a apparent screen between
the perceptions and the cognizing function.
And calls this Me.

Happening after the fact.

Out of sync.

And this is also noticed.

There is only Nondual perception
or if you will this mysterious happening.
As This is all there is.

This includes always All,
it is the totality.

And in This and as This 
the dance of life plays out.

A person centred existence is 
an aberration of perception as 
in reality nothing is ever separate.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life without stories

Soo interesting to see that the person
we think we are is only held up by all 
the stories we keep telling ourselves.

I am so and so,  have such a character,  these habits
my likes and dislikes,  inclinations, my past, 
my history,  my trauma's,  my goals and future dreams etc etc.

And we keep the stories alive by:
believing them,  
telling them to others,
regurgitating them over and over again  ( repetitive thoughts )

So basically what we do, 
by believing all the stories, 
we construct the little robot, 
the person, the me.
( see the amazing creative power of consciousness at work )

So what happens when we stop believing the stories,
and stop telling them to others,
and see that the repetetive thoughts 
are just another stream of thoughts 
which do not have any reality beyond 
the value we give them???

What remains without stories? 

Aren't you curious....?

And who wants to know?