Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There you are

When sitting relaxed
somewhere sometime
watching the scene
whatever it is
it might happen that
a quietness is noticed
naturally observing
what is there
without strain or tension
without labeling or judging
Just seeing things as they are

There you are

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aliveness happening

Everyday ordinary awareness
Simplicity itself
What else could there be?

And you are That
As you are
Nothing to add
Nothing to change
Whole and complete
Always have been
As you are
Right here
Right Now
Aliveness happening

Monday, August 29, 2011


Nothing to achieve
Nothing to do
Being oneself
Life takes care of the rest

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Came and went in no time


Once this is seen,
which is no big deal
as it is our experience always,
and so for everybody,
'the looking out of your eyes'
one might wonder a bit bewildered
'Now what? I have seen it,
is this all there is to it?'

And yes it is.
But the catch is that it is not a state.
It can be confusing as there is the word
Awareness which is a noun.
So in language it becomes an object,
something the person reaches out to,
and want to achieve or understand.
While actually This is not a thing.
It is more an activity,
an ongoing noticing,
so a verb is more accurate.

So once it is seen,
keep seeing,
keep awaring,
noticing that
This is always happening
This Is the happening.
Its the only happening.
Seeing, awaring always going on.
Always the only thing going on.

Thoughts, feelings, sensations,
are appearing and disappearing
in the immediacy of seeing and noticing.
This is the only thing
which is real and constant.

And in this immediate seeing there is no person.
Thoughts about the person come and go in this.

One needs to keep seeing this
again and again and again,
awaring of this
until it sinks in,
that this is all there ever is.
Everything else comes and goes.

Then it dawns that actually this
is what we are,
the Awaring,
the Seeing,
the Knowing.
Always have been
undeniably so.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is looking ?

Seeking is looking away from
what you already are.
Freedom is here and now
already yours,
always has been.

With the idea that freedom is close,
not yet present,
it is the wrong beliefs which
keep us from seeing what we truly are.
Some of them:

It takes time to get there,
i am not there yet
If i meditate everyday for hours and
open myself to the Force it might happen
one day in the future.

I am not good enough
There are still soo many impurities,
i have to clean my unconscious,
subconscious, lower vital, etc.

Only when i am saintly, and special
will this be bestowed upon me.
Not for any Tom Dick and Mary,
not for me because you have 
to be already special.

Its very difficult to get there
It asks for a special skill,
i do not have.

The way out of this and
to cut through it all:

'What is looking,
is what you are looking for'

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shit happens

When all is seen as it is,
there is a lot which falls away and changes.
The mind is more quiet, more at ease as
referring everything to a person stops.

Hopes, fears and beliefs have left, as they
are related to the story of the individual.

The idea that there is an inner life,
with inner perceptions and
an outer life which is separate is gone.
All is perceived as being in the one space.

It is actually a loss.
The loss of a personal me.
Which at times can be pretty empty and boring.
Some who have come into this perspective
would like to go back to the previous position,
of being a person, as there is more drama
and also because the emptiness
and al(l)oneness can be overwhelming.
As part of the integration, unfolding,
depressions may happen,
as anything can happen.
The feeling of loss can be keenly felt.

Anything and
everything goes through
and leaves no trace,
like it always does,
with everyone,
unless we spin a story
around it.

Another thing which has changed
is the idea that life should be fair,
or even better, a bed of roses.
That unpleasantness should not fall on us.
But that is not how it works.
Life operates in its own way.

The tree which is struck by lightening
is not lamenting to the universe:

'Why me, why did you not take the one next to me,?
i have been always such a good tree ! .

There is total acceptance of what is.

Earthquakes and tidal waves
Loss of loved ones
Death and decay.

Shit happens.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


'Its the quiet noticing of everything'.

Not only a noticing, it is also a knowing.
A knowing of everything which appears.
A wordless recognition where a dog
is known as a dog and not as an apple pie.
This knowing is instant and immediate.
Knowledge through identity.

Its prior to labeling and judging.
Prior to our hopes and fears.

That dog is big, its probably an angry dog,
i hope it will not bark.

Its before the mind kicks in and spins its
The mind projects endlessly;
in the past with memories
and into the future with hopes and fears.
And because awareness has no preference
it goes with all the stories.
It shines its light on everything that appears:
thoughts and feelings,
the sublime and the mundane
imaginations and dreams
the beautiful and the hideous
the boring, tedious, stubborn
all qualities and expressions possible
the beggar in the street, the newly weds
the sinner, the saint
nothing is excluded
This amazing dance of possibilities,
of movement, of creative outpourings.

All just happening
Life happening

Awareness knows it all and
sees it all coming into and
going out of existence.

When awareness comes to know itself,
not as the puppet who is at the mercy
of the ups and downs of life,
but as That in which all is happening,
there is the joy of union,
the intimacy of a lovers embrace
with existence.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The space, awareness,
which is our home, our being for
which we consciously and
unconsciously are always longing for,
is something so unobtrusive and quiet
that we easily miss it.
We have been conditioned to override the
awareness of Awareness by the stories of our life.
Have been taught to forget it,
turn away from what we are,
and to believe in a false identity.

While all the while it is just here.
Its the quiet noticing of everything.

First to recognize it
Then getting to know it
Then to include everything into it
as Awareness accepts everything and
has no preferences.
Even to play the story of a person is perfect.
As there is nobody bound and nobody
to become free.

If this is of interest to you,
drop the idea that you
are a separate individual
and see what remains.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ticking of the clock

a croacking frog

sounds appearing and disappearing

blinking of the cursor on the screen

toes of the right foot on the floor

sights and sounds and sense perceptions

itching of the lower lip

a falling coconut crashing

nothing special going on

firecrackers in a distant village

some sound from the neighbours house

always the same space where it all happens

humming of the laptop

waterdrops dripping on the leaves

it is always here and now

a thought about work passes by

the neighbour whistles a little

every ones every moments perceptions
and there isn't anybody doing it

some sensation of heaviness in the shoulders

flying foxes in the coconut trees are flapping their wings
there is no inside and outside

a deep sigh

tapping of the keys on the keyboard

not one thing is more 'mine' than the other
all is of equal importance


the fridge starting up

all equally impassively registered

a brain fever bird

the stomach rumbles

just things going on

firecrackers in crescendo

wind rustles the palm leaves

no doer in sight

itching at the left index finger

a scops owl hoots

as it is

Monday, August 22, 2011


These musings are not trying to accomplish anything,
accept maybe to clarify a bit this hazy and abstract subject.
At least when we try to grasp it.
It becomes crystal clear though when
you know it through experience.
By being it.

By realizing that you are this beingnes
and not the person you take yourself to be.
For this, if this is an issue in your life,
you have to investigate your own experience
by turning your attention towards
the perceptions, thoughts, sensations, feelings
and ask yourself the question, in a very
open manner, but with a sincere wish to know,
'Where is this taking place?',
'Who is perceiving ?'
'Who is the one who wants to know all this?'
And don't expect any answers in words,
in the mind.

If this question has you in a stranglehold from
which you cannot and do not want to escape.
If it has become imperative to know the
answer to this.
And if you are ready to give up everything
known to you,
you might be ready to see it.
Who knows?

The simplicity of this realization is such
that some burst out laughing at having
been such a fool for not having seen this before.

Others have become angry, for the same reason,
having spend so much time,
money, energy trying to figure
this out, when it was always here:
the looking out of your eyes,
the silence between the thoughts.
Never not here

But then to some it happens
just like that.
Out of the blue.
As if struck by lightening.

In a way it is mysterious
why something so obvious
can be so hidden.
And why it happens to some
and not to others.

While we are That always
whether we know it or not.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Common sense

Going through the day,
doing this and that,
work, commuting,
eating places, etc.
All is running smoothly.
And one is aware from time to
time that the perception is
very much as a child would
look at the world:
wondering what it's all about,

This perspective is the anti thesis
of being special or spiritual.
Awareness is all there is.
There are no levels.
And no one at home to be special
or to attain anything.

Absolute common sense.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Actually this is soo simple
it is almost absurd to talk and
write about it.
When the penny finally drops,
one cannot believe it.
Because this 'thing', has
been with you all your life.
Its the one and only constant,
its never not there.
Your lifelong companion,
always closer to you than
your own breath.
And not in any mystical way,
no, really down to earth,
and natural.

And one cannot believe the fuss;
the books written about it, blogs and
websites talking and writing bout this,
when it is the most simple and obvious
thing in the world
once it is recognized.

Aha, there it is... recognition.
How to extract the mish mash
of identification with thoughts and
feelings which have gone into the belief
of this pseudo person, this made-up
character, from that which is simply
looking, the cognizing
and recognizing factor?.

Yes that is the question..!
Did you come to this question?
Great, keep looking.
There are no answers.
Keep this open question
and see what's happening.
Nobody knows.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Writing these posts are a curious affair.

Finally having the guts to write about..
( yes about what...? )

One feels sometimes an intoxication
as one tries to write about THE thing
or no-thing which matters most.
As if trying to describe
the face of your Beloved.
And because one tries
one opens up
to the vision of That.
The most beautiful
the most lovable
the thing one feels
one could die for.

Like trying to catch
the morning fog
with bare hands
its beautiful
one feels elated.
And its impossible
to capture.
So one feels
a fraud
a fake because
it is not even
coming close.
Everything one
says is
an approximation
as soon as
it leaves

Oscillating between
tasting honey
and being honey.
In both cases
to convey.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The only practice

'What do you have to do?
Pack your bags,
Go to the station without them,
Catch the train,
And leave your self behind.

Quite so: the only practice--and once.'
Wei Wu Wei

On waking up,
there is wakefulness.
The birds singing all around the house,
the temperature noticed on the skin.

Walking in the forest soon after,
there is silence,
the senses are open and alert.
There is great wonder
and an almost breathtaking beauty.
As if one is making love
to existence, and one does.
All senses are involved.
Walking is happening,
but nobody who walks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Thing

Awareness is All there is.
Everything is Awareness
You are No Thing

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There is no Other

There is Nothing outside of This
Nothing inside either
Its Full and Empty
Its All and Nothing
Its Me
There is no Other

All intimately Known
in the Immediacy
by No One

Nobody ever existed

Monday, August 15, 2011


In This As This

Always Clear Untouched
Cognizing Emptiness

In This and As This
the singing of birds
the sound of the turkey gaggling
the humming of the inverter
the sensation where the arms
are touching the table
tapping of fingers on the laptop
the sensation where the feet
are touching the floor
a faint wind comes through
the windows and touch the skin
on the arms and shoulders
the light of the laptop screen
and the reflection of the trees
on the screen

Its all One field in which
and as which All is happening

No others
only as a thought which appears
and sometimes an apparent action
gets proposed,
'let's go and see Norman'
An impulse to act on such an action
happens sometimes
and sometimes not

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Am I?

Wei Wu Wei

'When insight evaporates in words,
Only resonance survives'
Wei Wu Wei

Reading 'Open Secret' from Wei Wu Wei.
It seems abstract and scholarly but
the clarity and the way it is put
is so beautiful,
its delicious.
As if one taste exquisite chocolate
and melts with the experience
into the boundlessness it points to.

Its very rich so one can only
take it in small doses

Saturday, August 13, 2011


All there is
is This
Nothing more
and Nothing less

One Being
in which All comes
and goes
And not even that,
because if there is Being
there is also Non Being
which implies two
which is impossible.

One cannot name it
objectify it
one can only live it
Be It
And that is all ready
the case
as This is All there is.

Take all and everything
which appears Now in
the field of perception
and This is It.

Has Been

The greatest Selfishness
in the whole wide world.
There is only One Self
All and Everything is
for and from this One Self
Which you are,
which everyone is
which everything is.

Friday, August 12, 2011


The believed in person or entity
has no independent existence.
And can therefore said to be unreal.

Reality is that which stands on its own. 

Then one can conclude that 
there is no need, or even possibility
to get rid of the person.
As how can one can rid of something
which does not exist in the first place.
A certain amount of energy, in the shape
of beliefs, thoughts, convictions, have
gone into the forming of this pseudo identity.
These thoughts and beliefs have contracted
and then crystalised into what we believe
ourselves to be:
Existing on our own, full of limitations
and somewhere located.

The thing needed to untie the knots
of identifications is to see for oneself
the unreality of the person.
That All one ever always is, is
boundless, ever present, and
connected to All and everything.

Omniscient, omnipotent and

Aumniscient, Aumnipotent,
and aumnipresent.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Only This

This pulsating aliveness
Ever present
No limits
No borders
No big deal
You in the most you sense possible
Soo intimately known
The only Thing known
You 'll always meet only This
As This is all there is
And This is You
Whatever arises
Whatever appears
Its only Yourself you meet
No strangers in Youland
Can't get out of It
Nowhere to run
Nothing to get
You are Here already
No you no me
No one
Only This

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One wonders

We do not know what Life is.
Life is just a word to indicate
this open field where things are happening.
Inexplicably things come and go.
We do not really know what it is that
comes and goes.
We give it words, like sky, or cow or spoon;
but what is it really?.
Can we capture the mystery
of air, colour, water condensations,
air pockets etc. in a word called sky?
And if we look closely do we even know
what is a colour, or air pockets.

It is all a mysterious happening.

Or a cow, what is it?
A word to indicate what is this mass of cells,
differentiated in so many different functions,
and it breathes and moves, and milk can come?

Do we know what anything is?

Opening up to this wonder.

One wonders

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'What is enlightenment'

Something beautiful from Francis Lucille
on the question:
'What is enlightenment'

'It is a deep transformation initiated at the
very core of the body mind by an act of Grace,
meaning a glimpse of Presence.
It is a response to a question and
a deep desire for That.
A desire which is so powerful that it
is stronger than the fear for
absolute disappearance.
It is the victory of light over darkness.
As a result of this initiation gradually
the mind and the body get realigned with
the Truth that has been revealed.
They become the servants of the Absolute.
The Absolute uses them as it pleases.'

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Standing as the Self.

Standing as the Self means what?

Is to know that one is not the person,
but the field in which everything is happening.
All the happenings of life.
Going through the day.
Persons coming and going,
sounds and smells,
thoughts, feelings
appearing and disappearing.
It all happens in this one Space.
Which is your perception,
your awareness,
which is always there,
right here right now.
Where there is no time,
the everlasting Now.
Which has no beginning and no end.

I AM is ageless, timeless, always here,
will never die.
There is no death.
After all we have no idea what death is.
It is an imagining in the future of the disappearance
of the body, with which we identify.
But right now, here, we do not know what it is.
It is just speculation.
If one is not identified with the body and the mind,
awareness is all there is,
there is no more fear of death.
It becomes something abstract and meaningless.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The naked truth

One has to stand on one's own
The naked truth of existence,
of who and what we are,
has to be embodied by
oneself alone.
No dependencies possible.
Not all the time leaning back on books,
and websites , and then
somehow hang in there,
as in a pink cloud, where
one feels safe and cozy,
because one knows all the words
and expressions, and yes
during the day one notices
awareness from time to time,
and are we not all great pals.

One has to individualize,
embody it,
stand in the blaze of Unknowing,
without second hand concepts.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Its your face

Whatever is happening
at this particular moment,
it is always happening to you.
It is always you you take to bed, it is
always your face which looks back at you
in the mirror.
In the final analyzes you are the only one
inhabiting your universe.
It's your senses which are smelling
the gardenias or the wet dog.
Your eyes which see the mountains
or the cyclist passing by..
Nobody elses.
The one and only constant in your life
Is this not fascinating ?
This unchanging you-ness
To notice something so close, so you
and recognize it as if for the first time.

In order to see Truth as it is,
there can be no dependency
on anything and anyone.
Face to face with the Truth of what you Are...
Who are you...?