Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Hiccup

Someone asked:

"Why would it be good to have a healthy psychological base before awakening occurs?"

  Well, if clarity and maturity are present when awakening has taken placewe have an individual, (undivided) who is free, clear and deals with his totality with whatever comes.

If awakening happens however in a forced manner, 
in a framework without a structure to look 
honestly at one's conditioning and identification,
we have a full force in an immature vessel. 

Naturally it will be unbalanced and it can result in damage, 
to oneself and others.

In any case, 
it is helpful to have healthy attitudes.

Attitudes such as:

A love for Truth.
A willingness to question all reactions and all assumptions.
A readiness to sincerely look inside for projections and identifications. 

But then...
...awakening happens when it does, 
whether the person is strong and balanced or not.

Still it is good to question oneself when seeking awakening; 
"What are my motives for walking this path?"

Is it to try to avoid facing problems and emotions?
Know that awakening is never what you imagine it to be.

Unpleasantness and difficulties are part of life.

And awakening is merely a hiccup 
which changes the perspective.