Sunday, March 26, 2017

No agenda

The openness, curiosity, wonderment in the question
'What is This?'  'Who am I'?

Seeing through the construct of personal identity.

The clear, clean alive functioning of the senses.

Perceiving without resistance, without grasping, without agenda.

Choiceless aware 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Take Over

How does one come to know This?

Not from memory
from what we have learned
or the ideas and opinions we have about things.
And not what has been instilled in us while growing up.

But by dismantling the identification with what we have 
mistakenly called me 

It is the immediacy
the knowing right now.
The unborn uncluttered perception at every moment.

Does it help to go to Satsang to come to know This?

Going to Satsang might in the beginning 
give conceptual clarity.
To see in one's own being all that is standing in the way. 

But then the group can become an obstacle
if we do not dare to stand alone.
But prefer to shelter in the comfort of a sangha 
or group of friends 
or the club of Nonduality 
which has become another cult.

In the end to be all alone
as there is only one.

In the beginning and the end 
it is a journey one makes alone. 
There is no one else but me making my steps.
It is uniquely my path.

Is it helpful to read the scriptures?

It might in the beginning and for a long time 
give directions which are helpful in one's life.
But in the end not because if we prefer 
to keep hanging on to some dead gurus skirts or lunghi 
and keep believing the wise stories
of the old traditions, 
while that season of schooling has passed, 
we undermine the authority of our own being.

To stand in the authenticity of ones own perception
again and again and again.
As this is the only first hand knowing we have
which is true and alive every time
whatever it is. 

All else is second hand. 

What else is required?
A passion for truth no matter what.
No matter what the consequences.
Not being side tracked by lesser ideals and comforts,
but to keep standing in the fire of not knowing
of surrendering
as something Else knows better
and takes over
the rudder of our life.