Monday, December 28, 2015

"Eat the Grapes"

Here and Now.

Whatever is showing up.

No agenda
no resistance
no defence
as there is no identification.

Simply the noticing what is.

No need for words
for labels
for defining
for trying to fit into a conceptual framework.
Whether religious, spiritual or nondual.

Simply the noticing what is.

"Do not keep talking about the garden
Eat the grapes"  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Even then...

Even when the body is in the throes of a virus
and it coughs
and aches...

Even when emotions from decades ago resurface
and are felt and experienced,
and because of that, for a while, 
there is something we might call despair.

Even then everything is fully experienced 
as it is,
as itself, 
as there is nothing outside of what is present.

The illusion of being separate seen through,
the filters screening direct perception evaporated,
and the fight with what is 
makes place for 
Life happening.

There is simply what is.

In whatever disguise it chooses to show up.

Painful emotions are not a sign of separateness
if we are not perpetuating a story with it,
but simply feel the emotion in all its depth
As it is.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Hiccup

Someone asked:

"Why would it be good to have a healthy psychological base before awakening occurs?"

  Well, if clarity and maturity are present when awakening has taken placewe have an individual, (undivided) who is free, clear and deals with his totality with whatever comes.

If awakening happens however in a forced manner, 
in a framework without a structure to look 
honestly at one's conditioning and identification,
we have a full force in an immature vessel. 

Naturally it will be unbalanced and it can result in damage, 
to oneself and others.

In any case, 
it is helpful to have healthy attitudes.

Attitudes such as:

A love for Truth.
A willingness to question all reactions and all assumptions.
A readiness to sincerely look inside for projections and identifications. 

But then...
...awakening happens when it does, 
whether the person is strong and balanced or not.

Still it is good to question oneself when seeking awakening; 
"What are my motives for walking this path?"

Is it to try to avoid facing problems and emotions?
Know that awakening is never what you imagine it to be.

Unpleasantness and difficulties are part of life.

And awakening is merely a hiccup 
which changes the perspective.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Are you 'done' yet ?

One is never 'done'..

Rather life will throw the things at us
which challenge us in our present position 
and location, as nothing is ever static.

Life is constant flux.
Of either growth or decay.

Once we are secure within a certain 
framework of understanding and 
therefor experiencing life in the way 
conform with this understanding 
we will be undeniably challenged one day.

Sooner or later Life comes knocking at our doors.

Where Life and Light cannot flow and shine
uninterrupted we will be shown all the small and big ways
where we are contracting and resisting.

But when surrendering happens because there is no more
resistance to the resistance, old pains can surface.
Can tell their stories of hurt, sadness, abandonment,
and release their charge.
Making more space.

The body becoming more present 
more here and now
as Presence finds more room to play.




Thursday, October 22, 2015

No morality

The moment
Is the opportunity  
to embrace  
to accept  
to welcome
everything which is already showing itself

Everything presents Itself
to be seen.

The joys 
the pains 
the irritation 
and boredom...


Surrendering to what is.

And when the personal contraction eases out,
the resistance and fight is making place for
immediacy and intimacy
with all that appears.

Out of this embracing, action will occur
appropriately to what is needed.
To the inputs of life.

Whether a smile to welcome
or a firm no if that is that is what is the demand
to preserve the integrity of the being.

An impersonal indication that this border should 
not be crossed.

There is no morality, 
or shoulds or shouldnt's
in This,
as This.

Rather everything is totally appropriate 
and could not be otherwise.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scary stuff

What is it with emotions that scare us so much?
Why are we ever on the defense?
In resistance to simply feeling
what is present.

As small children we were not strong enough
to bear strong negative emotions. 
Our nervous systems not fully developed yet.

As a survival mechanism we learned to close up 
and lock them away.

Later in life they still scare us.

Pain, anger, feeling lonely, abandoned, frustration, etc

We are so not used to feeling them that we 
do not know what to do with them.
We resist them
And then it becomes so heavy, 
so difficult.

If we can allow them just to be there.
And almost tenderly and intimately feel them.

Feel them so totally, it leaves one cleansed. 

Without words
without labels
without resistance
it becomes almost beautiful.

Friday, September 11, 2015

How can a fish become a bird?

All we are and ever gonna be
we are already.

How can a fish become a bird?

Because we are suffering from the idea of
a mistaken identity
are we on a quest.

To become,  
in the future
what we aren't already.

Not here
Not now.

Looking away from what is present:


Always here and now

Did you notice?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Water from a Duck

What is, what is ?

Open our eyes 
and see
that what is
is already the case

Our true nature is already fully Itself
One with everything
has no needs

Rather see all the things we are not

Remove the veils 
be amazed about 
the clear view

It  reveals Itself to Itself.

As Nothing
and Everything

All resistance and restrictions
crumbled to dust

All strategies fallen off
like water from a duck

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Once recognition has taken place,
once we have seen the essential nature of what we are,
once we have stopped taking ourselves to be this or that,
knowing that we are none of It, 
( because unidentified with anything in particular )
or all of It, 
( because there is nothing else but This )
we are Home.
A portal of the Infinite.
Sensing, Perceiving, Awaring.

There can be a period of honeymooning.
The recognition of our true nature 
is dismantling the structures
of who we thought we were.
And consequently we are feeling 
the space and the transcendence
and are flowing with what is.

Breathtakingly taken in by the beauty.

And as well there usually is a period of transition.
Where everything in the body mind  
that has not yet aligned itself 
with this new way of being is coming up.
Thought patterns, pains, aches, emotions. 

They stay a while do their thing and disappear.

This is something which is taking place naturally and spontaneously.

And as far as i can see this period of unwinding 
is indefinite and ongoing.

Always there is more coming up 
to be seen and felt and discover.

There is no fixed place to land for the body mind.
A place of permanent bliss and happiness.

In the world of appearances 
no such static place exists.

The Seeing, the Knowing, the Awaring 
is the one thing always there.
Perceiving what Is.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Isolation ?

All of existence
and each tiny thing
exists at this moment
because of everything else.

A flower does not exist in isolation.

It needs:

The solarsystem to be in place

Soil and water to grow

Birds to carry seeds

Insects to extract the honey

Seasons to come and go

Winter and death for renewal.

Can we say that there is a flower, one thing?
Or do we see a movement,  a happening?

Does a person exist,  alone,  separate?
apart from existence?

Or rather, 
there is no separation
not a somebody
no center?

Only a happening.
A perceiving of all that appears.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The belief in the idea of being a person 
keeps up imaginary boundaries which make us 
feel limited and incomplete.

While in reality no such separateness exist. 

These beliefs are supported by our language.

A language with nouns gives a 
wrong interpretation of the world.

Nouns make us believe that there are 
separate objects existing independently of each other.
While more accurately everything is always 
in a state of flux, of movement. 

We are verbing.


Always everything is in movement.

And at no time is there an independent 
person at the center of this.

The world is verbing. 

The tides coming in and out.
The seasons changing from one into the next
and there is no clear line where one 
has become suddenly the other.

A tree is a growing process at each moment:
from a seed to sapling to an adult tree 
to an old tree to a dead tree 
to firewood...

Always moving, changing.

Scientists find that the smallest quantum particles
they can observe are changing shape constantly.

The smallest particle is not a noun it is a verb.



Saturday, July 4, 2015

Naturally Free

Within, without and beyond
the mind made world of
opinions and 
the unexpected
of Life
is always
dancing to
its own

Where do we focus our attention?

Naturally free already...

Friday, June 12, 2015

a Fierce Embrace

 For the God Lover 
 all is His delight and play

 Attracted to His call
 like a moth to a flame

  Even the dark nights are
 his kiss and fierce embrace

 Dying in the ecstacy of His gaze

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Already Home

One big Heart
and Life opens up. 
Leaving behind 
and contractions
who were only 
to protect a person
who was never there.

Empty space

Breathing in 
Breathing out
whole worlds come into being.

One big Heart 
surrendering to what is,
and Life flows 
naturally to
where beauty and
have their home.

You are the place
you never left

Friday, May 8, 2015

You or Me?

My Love,
Is it You or Me 
who brushed my hair 
and looked
through my eyes
in the mirror
just now?

And is it You or Me 
that perceives this wondrous world?
The senses intoxicated.
And every sight, smell and sound
is your sweet gazing face.

How strange 
when i look behind 
not a single footstep

Saturday, May 2, 2015


In and as the on going journey of Life,
unfolding through this human form, 
one is taken through a roller coaster
of ups and downs.

Of gentle breeze, calm seas 
and tsunamis of change and destruction.

With nowhere 
a place to rest or hang out
for longer than allowed
as we are urged on
ever to surrender
in a helpless ecstasy
to the beauty
of what Is.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Tiny Spider

It all boils down to 
plain and simply
considering the possibility
of living life 
without resistance
without stories
without filters
without me

Open to the aliveness at each moment
whatever that may be

No big deal really

curtains moving in the wind
a creaking windmill
a throbbing toe where the nail has come loose
a tiny spider on the mosquitoes screen

sounds, sights, sensations

Everything simply perceived 
as it is.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


We hear This, 

this message, 
so many times.

1000 ds of times.

Why does it not hit the mark 
and relieve us of our suffering?

Why does it not help us to 
reach our goal;
unending happiness and freedom?

We want to get rid of something 
or we want to acquire something, isn't it?,

In our haste of freeing ourselves,
or trying to get something or somewhere,
we overlook the fact that we might
not hear this message properly.

How do we understand?

With which eyes do we see?

Are the portals of perception 
free of ideas and beliefs?

Is there a possibility to receive
this message unfiltered?

Raw and alive?

Or do we hear these words endlessly
through the dead echoes
of the past?

Could this be blocking the clear view?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sticking out?

This undifferentiated Wholeness.

No borders,
no edges,
nothing sticking out more than anything else.

And so incredibly alive,
enchanting us with 
sounds and sights and smells.

And are just things happening
which we cannot really name.

An amazing abundance.

A dance of 
Life itself
as itself
for itself.

Coming in and going out of Itself.

Without words 
without mind,
how can one not be amazed by this
constant miracle?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Are you?

How long does it take 
to come closer to Now?

How many steps do you have to make
to arrive Here?

Do you believe what your thoughts tell you?

In the future i will arrive.
It is a long journey.
It is difficult.
I have to practice and meditate, 
concentrate, contemplate 
and levitate.

Or are you curious to find out for yourself?

Open to the possibility

of Awe and Wonder

Right Now?

Are you?

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Here is all 
peace and silence.

Stepping out of
thoughts and emotions.

The raw perception
without filters.

What a marvel. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What am I?

What am I?

Neti Neti 
I am not the mind 
I am not the emotions
I am not the Body
Nothing perceivable
I am No Thing
There is No One to understand
There IS nothing to Understand
There is no person
There has never been a person
Nothing ever happened
There is no self

What am I?


There is only Me
I am All that appears
What ever I meet is only Me
I am already what I am looking for
Everything is a reflection of what I am
Without Me the world does not exist
There are no limits to what I am
Creative outpourings
Infinite possibility
I am the Knowing
The Seeing
The Being


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Divine Balance

How do you describe 
the infinite riches of Nothingness?

And all the flavours and tastes 
empty space reveals Itself to Itself? 

In an ceaseless discovery.

and which words to use?

How to mention 
the unbearable ecstasy of Being?

And how to even begin 
to express all the divine ways
your Lover is loving and caressing you?

The senses intoxicated
with rapturous wine.

Does not one sound a little mad even to try?
Come on be honest.

Who would dare utter those words?
And who would even try?

My God, 
thank God for 
work in the pottery.

Nothing better to keep one
from going insane,
than some clay 
and things to make.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dark Brooding Silence

There is peace lying awake at night, 
not wanting anything to be different.
Getting familiar and friendly 
with the dark brooding silence, 
and the sensations and stirrings in the body. 

There is peace being taken over by the dynamics of life,
not wanting anything to be different.
As one activity after another asks for attention
Noticing that the response comes up
spontaneous and effortless.

Being and Flowing 
with what is 
without resistance 
is happiness
and our true nature.

Yesterday night

the large booming sound of a bird.  
The first time.

A Mottled Wood Owl 

has been seen
in the area.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Delete Delete

We are thrown into this amazing world.
Into this marvelous human body.

Arriving here in an unknowing knowing wonder.

All the senses registering what presents itself.

Baby's eyes open.
Still pools of reflection.

Then growing up,
increasingly in a bewildered realisation.

Becoming aware 
of the energetic confinement 
of assumptions.

We start to bump into things.

The body which was first a portal of exploration
now our interface with the world.

We have taken on an identity.
Limiting ourselves to the flesh 
and the ideas we have
about ourselves 
and the world.

Do we realize how many concepts we have
taken on unquestioningly?

Are we aware that we are 
not what we think,
what we feel,  
what we perceive?

That we are 
not our memories 
our ideas 
and our character?

Are we aware that we are just the noticing
of This very moment?

Everything else is an add on.

Apps which have been 
downloaded without

Delete  Delete Delete

Open the portals of perception.

Pure and Simple.

The Freedom of being Nothing and None.