Thursday, April 26, 2012

biting the cheeks

Early morning, grey skies hanging low

over the still sleepy village.

No other sounds than the ticking of the clock

the humming of the heating system

and the typing of these words,

Cold wind biting the cheeks when going out.

The busyness and tension in the way people move

while they greet you friendly and are quickly on their way again

Family is warm and welcoming.

Some tulipfields are out and while driving through polders,

greeting you in colours bright pink, red and yellow.

Always just this open emptiness seeing and noticing

whatever it is.

The simplicity of life..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just this

Just now sitting on the terrace,  
biting in the toast,  
with the melting cheese titillating the taste buds.

Looking at the scarves just washed,  
in multi colors hanging
and moving in the wind.

The light on the palm trees and the bushes.  

And at the same time 
a magpie robin singing so beautifully.

Knowing it is just this moment,  
never to come back.
Tears in the eyes of being touched,

Yes and anything at all.

Always Now 

Just this

Friday, April 20, 2012

What a show

The plan is to step in an aeroplane 
in a few days time and land in another continent.
A change of scene.  
Another set of images on the screen of awareness.

Actually we are,  all of us,   
our own home movie theater.
With a constant movie running:   LIFE.

The beauty,  the tragedy,  
the boredom,  the drama,  the interactions,
playing out just where we are.

And we have front row seats,
actually there is only one seat.
There is only one spectator.

We are the ones seeing it all happening.   
( and it is in 3 D as well ;-)

Here and now,
Just this.

 What a show..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Face

All alone

with the Beloved meeting us

In the soft wind and still gentle sun on the skin.

In the sound of the motorbike purring,
the bumps on the road rocking and rolling.

In the bantering with the workers in the pottery
and the delight of the open easy contact.

The bickering with the partners and
in the irritation coming up.

The crunching of leaves under the feet.

The smell of incense in passing the incense factory.

The sight of birds in flight from tree to tree.

The strong presence of tall trees and thick foliage.

In the cramps and queasy feeling in the stomach.

Talks with good friends.

The taste of delicious spinach ricotta pie exploding
in the mouth.

In the stern faces on bikes meeting us 
or smiles and nods, and open and 
innocent greetings from children.

Pods of cotton on the silkcotton tree 
against the blue sky

A talk with my sister just on skype.

The screaching windmill.

And dinner standing ready.

Everywhere i meet Your face.

Nowhere are You not.

All is You meeting me as my Self.

For the Love of It,
For the Joy of It,
For You, Only You
which is Me
which is Everything.

This is all there is.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Let go
of all hold dear
of all not so clear
of the dusty bits still in the cupboard
and never looked at up close.
Get rid of the ego

Clean it up.
Trivial titbits still hanging on
to the remnants of this pseudo entity.
Bring light into it.
Dusty corners,
cobwebs here and there.
Tripping us,
Preventing clear seeing

( sounds good no? )

Can you do any of this?
Can an imaginary entity get rid of Itself ?
Is Life not passing by with all and everything so it can be seen,
or not?

No choice even in this.

No process, no levels.

No cleaning.
( How do you polish the ever present NOW ;-) )

Only This
With all that is happening.

And what It is we cannot say.....

The unknowable Something
The rest is all stories.

( This post is also a story....)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

No trace

Mind is not the enemy.

Mind is a concept under which we understand commonly;
a bundle of thought patterned in a certain way 
and identified with a particular body mind set up.

Geared and reared for years and decades to function 
in a particular way, habits have formed, 
have made grooves in the substance
of what we believe ourselves to be: 
a separate individual.

It is the identification with the belief of being a person 
which gives mind a right to exist status and hence 
can become a 'something' we need to get rid of, 
need to quieten, 
made peaceful.

But once we know ourselves to be the Suchness 
in which all appears, mind is seen as thought habits 
and looses its solidity.
It stops being a problem.

It is thought patterning in a certain way that's all.

Thoughts still come and go.
Its like writing in water..
They leave no trace.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A chainsaw close by buzzes like an angry insect as it cuts through fallen trees.
A strong wind sways the trees and lifts the metal roof which
comes down with banging sounds, just above my head
while i sit typing these words and a fan is spinning,
its sound drowned out by the banging the buzzing and the swishing,
the airflow felt on the skin.

This morning amoebes were diagnosed in a test.
Some symptoms of trouble were there, and one notices
another set of thoughts and sensations passing through open space.
A little nagging and complaining, some discomfort and pain.
Which in no way has to take center stage.
One does not need to focus on the negative or painful.
It also comes and goes, and is seen in
the unmoving unchanging wholeness you are,
like all the rest of life passing through.

Of course because of the discomfort there is the motivation to seek relieve.
Then driving a motorbike to the city to see the homeopath is happening, as the bodies natural intelligence initiates a course of action which then follows.
Life taking care of Itself.
All happening naturally and spontaneously.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

C'est la Vie

One common misunderstanding is that once 'you have reached this':

Life looks different, more beautiful, there is an intensity, a strong sense of presence..

It is true there are moments, days that this is presenting itself.
And then a few days, a few hours later, the next morning;
the intensity is gone, everything looks same old, same old,
and the person is under the illusion that IT has been lost.
While there has never been a person to reach anything.
This is where the confusion is. A confusion of identity.
If you know yourself to be the open aware presence then
all unfolds in what you are.

And then how can something be lost if you are it.
Its just not possible.

Everything appears in what you are.
Also the headache and irritation on waking up,
also the weariness and tiredness in the body because of the heat.
also the ............................ etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Nothing is ever not seen by what you are.
Nothing is ever excluded by what you are.

You are the open aware space in which Everything comes and goes.

C'est la Vie.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not yet...

What we are is this timeless open presence.
In this all appears.
All dances its dance.
Thoughts, feelings, sensations, happenings, meetings
Continually coming and going.

Here and now,
always only what is.

The person we believe ourselves to be is in conflict with what is.

Its never the right moment.
In the future is where our happiness, salvation lies. Not now, not yet..

Its always somewhere else
The next satsang, the next book, the next amazing teacher. Not here, not yet...

Its never good enough
If we were just a little more compassionate, more determined, more clever, we would be able to comprehend it, get it.
Not perfect, not yet...

One could say that the resistance to what is is the person.

Also only Oneness happening as the dance of a person resisting what is.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Without the story..

What is it that wants to know the truth.?

The one who is searching, looking at ND blogs, websites.
What is it that motivates the person to meditate,
reading spiritual books, attending satsangs?.

Do you feel a resonance when reading some books or listening to speakers
like a recognition, a call to come home?

Could you stop the search?
Are you in control?

Is it like an itch that needs to be scratched, which does not leave you alone?
An unrest?.
Looking for relief from the discomfort of the limitations which are felt.
Is this what propels you forward?

always the same thought patterns,
always these old habits of thinking and feeling,
the sensation of being imprisoned in a bag of skin. ( wheaaahh )
Does it become unbearable?
Are you at a point where you say,
or shout out loud:

The truth no matter what...

To want the truth more then anything else.

Ready to step out of the comfort zone of the known.?

Willing to entertain the possibility that what you are is already here and now.?

Then stop the interest in the story of a me.
Simply stop the story.

Without a story, what is there?
What is here and now?

Isn't This what propelled the search in the first place?
Oneness wanting to recognize itself through you?

To return to the place you never left?

Find out for yourself.