Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letter to a friend..

Dear Jerry,

In your last email for the second time you thank me 
for making you feel welcome in Amsterdam.
So i paused with this, 
and then all the instances came back where ND teachers 
have been open to me when i was still puzzled by it all. e.g.
Leo Hartong, John Wheeler, Greg Goode, 
Rupert Spira and others.

They have been patient, welcoming, 
answering my emails sometimes in a matter of hours, 
meeting with me, not asking anything in return.
There was never an agenda, 
something they wanted to get out of it.
There was this impersonal energy 
which i can now call Love, 
which wanted to clarify, 
wanted the confusion to go so also in 
this body mind organism awareness could recognize itself.
And it did.

So now here there is the natural functioning 
which is also opening and welcoming 
anywhere it finds the need, 
or the joy of recognition.

So really, it is not of my doing, its impersonal, 
 it comes spontaneous and probably 
especially towards you.
( but that is also not thought out ).
Because i am aware that you were an amazing 
instrument all those years ago, 
who brought all these small factions together, 
in a way started it all, made it all happen.
And just on my terrace eating my breakfast 
and now again typing this to you, 
i feel tears of gratitude and joy for it all.

it goes on...

and of course the list goes on,

the ndhl's which are coming in my mailbox every day 
are a source of delight, inspiration, and recognition,

the event of SAND happening, 
which are such an obvious expression of
this amazing open perspective,
 ( its breath taking )

the joy of meeting from time to time with Didier, 
who got knocked out of the personal confines 
by Ramesh Balsekar 13 years ago,
and practically the only one i can 
share this perspective with here.

and my ex partner who is visiting at the moment 
also recently recognized the obvious, 
and then one can just be together
without the past.

In other words the upsurge of gratitude 
is continuing on and on..


thank you

thank you

there is no end to it

one calls it grace or love as well

and there are no sides

there is nobody

its just happening

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who is watching ?

Just read somewhere something interesting, it goes like this:

When you watch the world,

is it you who is watching or

is the world watching you,

and is there a difference?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who is driving the dream bike ?

Who am I ?

I know who I am
it is not this person

I know who I am
and it is not visible

I know what I am
yet it is not anything anybody ever called me

I know what I am
and it is impossible to put in words

I know who I am
it is nothing tangible

I know who I am
it is not here or there

yet closer than our own breath

Our natural state

even now

already the case

Monday, December 12, 2011

Understanding is all

One common misconception is the notion
that at one point in the future,
after many satsangs and lots of meditation,
one is miraculously transported to
another level of consciousness.
A state where one is in permanent bliss,
where there are no more problems,
where there is no more pain etc.

While what is actually required is a clean clear
looking at reality
Without labels, concepts and ideas.

To realize the simplicity of it.

And to understand that what one is looking for
is always Here and Now.
Always available,
Always already the case.

Understanding is all

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vanilla pudding

Throw it all on the garbage heap
Chuck it out
All knowledge
All ideas
All concepts
Leave it behind

Free from labels

Can you look upon the world with fresh eyes
As if for the first time
Not knowing...?

Does it HAVE to make sense?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Recognizing one's natural state is easy
and has been seen by every one already.
After all its what we are.
How can one not notice one's beingness?

More problematic seems to be accepting
the ordinariness of it.

We are unable to let go of the stories we have come to believe
and have never verified for ourselves.
And the core-belief of being a separate someone sets us of
on all kinds of things to do and to achieve.

In other words the simplicity might turn us off.
After all, no more goals to reach,
no more hopes for a better future.
Just this,
here and now.

Also there need not be any great revelations or blinding lights.
Its just the quiet noticing of everything.
And you are not apart from That which is noticed.
You are That.

Are you able to settle for That?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011


All is forever changing
in unchanging spaceless space

When one recognizes the changeless,
That which always Is and in which
all else is coming and going,
there is the liberation of not having to
be anything in particular.
As One is That which
cannot be named, located, limited.
The freedom of being nothing and none.