Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The paradox

Who is the one reading these words right now?
What is it that perceives these words?

Is it confined to the body?
Does the one reading this stops at the skin?

Or is it confined to the mind and its processes.
The comprehension,  the reactions,
the thoughts coming and going?

If one takes the trouble to investigate,
just where one is right now,
inevitably one finds that there is no end to This.

Everything is perceived,  
is known 
in This and as This.

Including the body,  
the thoughts, 
the emotions,  
the perceptions,
the swaying trees,  
the sound of water,  
and a car passing by.

Everything is perceived equally.
There is not one thing more yours than other things.

Life is impersonal


Everything is perceived equally
Everything you meet and encounter is You,
There is no other.
Not Two.

Life is Personal

Everything is You

The total paradox...

It is neither personal nor impersonal and yet 
at once personal and impersonal. 

Personality is a fiction of the impersonal; 

impersonality the mask of a Person.

Sri Aurobindo