Sunday, February 16, 2014


Whatever happened to our natural curiosity?

The childlike wonderings?

Not yet fallen out of paradise.
Still one with all that is perceived.
All the questions naturally coming up when entering
this wondrous world. 
What is This? 
What is a colour a shape, 
so marvelous to behold.?
Too beautiful to put away with a label.

Where is it gone?
And when did it make place for the limitations and
the fixed ideas which made of Life
a cardboard box of reality.?
Hard,  thin and superficial.

Making us feel separate and alienated.

Trying so hard to fit into society.

Adjust, obey, be a good girl or boy
Don't upset the structures in place..

Why do we need to pretend to be a somebody.?
Why are we made responsible for our lives?

Making careers,  be a good citizen.

No wonder there are so many walking around
feeling lost, feeling like misfits,  depressed.

Because it is just not possible to find any
true and lasting happiness in pursuit
of all that has been dangled in front of our noses.

Paradise is always already present.
Before we started to believe the stories 
of everyone around us.

Through a cacophony of conditioning,
ideas and assumptions
shines the beauty of home base.

Never lost and never found
As it could not go anywhere.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

all it boils down to..

Already always the case.

Nothing ever obscures the obviousness.

Because appearances are not It.
They come and go.

Recognizing This, 
seeing this to be true in our own experience, 
seems to make a difference 
in the way we go through life.

This is what the seeker is after. 
This completion, ease,  contentment.

The search is not to become a more improved person.
More subtle, more evolved or more intelligent.

All it boils down to is that
the fight for something else, 
something better
comes to a shrieking halt.

The war with ourselves and with the world stops.

The resistance to what is ends.

The sense of lack is gone.

The personal construct is seen as
a functional module to interact with the world.

Not any longer as a barrier.
Because the identification with the individual is gone.

Inside and outside has lost its meaning, 
and everything is simply seen as it is.

Life happening.

So why and how does recognition take place?

Since you are, and everyone is already This?

Could it be that being more interested in the things
which are perceived,
than in the perceiving itself is a factor?

With what do you identify?
With your name,  body,  nationality, 
relationship, family, work, appearance, 
search, illness, emotions, thoughts, etc, etc?

If what you are is No Thing..  ?

Who are you ?

Find out...