Saturday, January 23, 2016


In what we could call, 
the potential of what it is to be human,
waking up to our true nature is a major event.

It changes the way we look at ourselves,
turns everything from inside out, 
with the overriding message: 

"We are not separate, independent individuals, 
 we are, as everything else, consciousness. 
 We are a perceiving capacity for all that appears 
 at every moment "

As Life is not static, 
everything is always in flux,
realizations deepen, 
are making place for other vistas and
unexpected appearances.

And if we are not clinging to our present station
Life becomes ever more rich and deeply felt.

No more need for conceptual frameworks
or the urge to make others understand.

Books, satsangs, youtube clips of teachers
become obsolete.
One becomes wary even.

No more words.

Life is just living itself.

In all it's ordinariness

Monday, January 18, 2016


There is only One substance.

There are no two things.

Everything is the One
Self shining,
of One essence
expressing itself 
through and as 
numerous shapes
and forms.

Also the body is the Beloveth.

Also emotions are this unlit Light.

There is nothing other than what is.

Intelligent Energy, unidentified,

manifesting as all that appears.

As we are sense organs of the infinite
we are perceiving as this Intelligent Energy all that appears.

The one crucial element is identification.
How do we perceive ourselves.
Who do we think we are?

Identification with form gives  
a wrong translation of the perception. 
Even though the perception itself is not wrong, 
it is the interpretation that is not accurate.

It is like the blind men 
each inspecting another part of the elephant.
The one holding the tail reports 
that an elephant is like a piece of rope.
The one touching the leg disagrees and says
an elephant is like a tree.
Neither one can perceive the whole elephant.

Clear perception
will reveal the whole
As it is.