Friday, March 30, 2012

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an ordinary fellow

When the mind is at peace,
the world too is at peace.
Nothing real, nothing absent.
Not holding on to reality,
not getting stuck in the void,
you are neither holy nor wise, just
an ordinary fellow who has completed his work.

                                                                        ~Layman P'ang (c. 740-808)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Ruthless truth

One of the things the seeker does not want to hear
especially when it has invested a lot of time, money and intensity
into the search: hours of meditation, buying and reading
spiritual books, going for satsangs and retreats etc.,
that the search can be dropped right here and right now,
as there is no golden pot at the end of the rainbow.
There will be no enlightenment in the future.

Whatever Is is only ever Now.

Always perceived at this moment,

To be seen only Now

Only ever Now

Did you notice its always Now?

The ruthless truth is that the person you believe yourself to be will never get it.

The pristine awareness that you are already
does not need any improvement,
does not need any process to be able to comprehend itself.

Enlightenment, freedom is not for the person
its freedom from the person.


What you are looking for is
what you are looking from.

Already the case.

You are That

(But then who knows... :
maybe even though the seeker does not want to hear this,
it might be that awareness, trying to recognize Itself through you,
drops this information in your lap, so you,
after investigating this belief of being a person and seeing the fallacy of it
, might finally relax, sit back and enjoy the show ;-) )

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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So Cool

The thing with this perspective is that things are seen just as they are.
And even though you know you can never catch it in words,
if you do try and just say it as it is, it is so unlike society is functioning that immediately it sounds so cool, so deeply spiritual, 
so special.

And all you do is trying to describe how it is.
Our natural state.
And one thing i can tell you:
Its the most simple, most available thing in the world
After all it is what you are already.
Already the case.

Monday, March 19, 2012

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Simply This

Are you ever not present?

What is looking out of your eyes?

What is it that is reading these words?

Do you have to figure this out?,
Come up with some words?
Or can you let the question resonate and find it is the
quiet presence always here and now already?

Nothing to do

Nothing to get

Nowhere to go

Simply This.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

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This it It




Falling in the moment, with the senses wide open.
Savouring each and everything which appears.

Falling on one's knees in gratitude, in wonder.

In free fall, as there is nowhere to land.

Admitting to the craziness of It.
After all one cannot understand it with the mind.
And the world has an overlay of mind.
The world we have been brainwashed into, 
have come accustomed to.
A world we have come to believe as real and solid.
The world of civilization, of the media, of our education,
of everything we believe in: morality, the sense of right and wrong,
religious and spiritual concepts.

Stepping out of this mental construct and look without the baggage.
Look at what is right here and now.
Simply This.
No clue really what it is.
But isn't it amazing?

Crazy isn't it?.
And even when i write this,
and you are reading this
it does not make any sense at all.

You can't,
i know.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Any difference?


What is the difference between 
seeing what you are or not?

There is no difference, life goes on.
Throws its moods, its thoughts, its encounters 
in the space that you are.
Whispers its beauty, its boredom and benevolence 
in this open aware Something.
And life is as it is.
Only the confusion about one's identity is gone.

One knows that one is not the person in the story, 
the person with the stories.
One is That in which all comes and goes.
There is nothing you can say about it, it cannot be defined
But one knows because one Is.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

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With thoughts, feelings, sensations, sights, perceptions
there is one 'thing' common to them all.
One factor is always present, unvarying.
Its I.
What you are before you add something.

I am a woman, I am a man, I am long, small, I am a strapping young fellow, I am struggling with some issues, I am ugly, stunning, plain, I am depressed, irritated, ecstatic, I have had childhood traumas etc. The list is endless.

Before you can say any of those things, or come up with zillions
of other descriptions there has to be first something on which
those description are hooked.
This is the sense of being.
Your basic sense of identity.
Which has no shape or form or location or description.
The only thing we know about it, is that it IS.
This perception I is the first principle.
All else is added.
This IS and all plays and dances on it, in it, as it.


Monday, March 5, 2012

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Can we conceive of the possibility that what is happening right now is already the Fullness, the Aliveness?
If we hear that we are That already, 
that It is already the case, 
that we are never separate from It because we are It, 
then what more needs to happen to experience this? 
What do we overlook?

Maybe there are assumptions which discard our present experience as not special enough?
This perspective is soo simple, the mind just cannot stand it, believe it.

Maybe there is a habit of looking away from the Present to 
something in the future?
While what we talk about is always here and now, nowhere else. 
Its always this moment.
With whatever appears, all the sounds, smells, thoughts, sights, feelings, sensations.
Nothing is excluded.

Maybe there is a belief in the thought-construct of being a person?
While we are this open aware presence in which everything occurs.

Maybe it is time to investigate these assumptions, 
these habits, this belief?

But maybe not, which is also fine.

Also Life just happening...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Too much

Its the habit of the mind to try to make sense,
to be able to place things, to categorize.
Its automatic and is what the mind does.
Its great as a tool to navigate through life.
The practical things of daily life.
To figure things out, to organize.

But to understand This with the mind is impossible.
The mind will listen to all these words as:
'there is only awareness', 'there is no me,' 'there is no person'
and comes up with some idea of how that will be.

How do you wear the statement: 'there is no person' ?

While in fact if This is seen to be what you are 
there is no place to land.
And any statement one makes feels false and wrong
as soon as it leaves your mouth.

Impossible to pin it down, to describe it.
Any word is too much.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

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The first principle

The first principle, That on which all else is based is Consciousness.
Being Conscious, Conscious Being.
This IS before all else appears.
This is what we Are.
The ground of All being.
And on this and as this the story of a person unfolds.

To be able to understand This experientially, one can for instance
imagine oneself in, or actually go into a room
where there is no light at all, no sound at all, no smell at all
where there is no sensory stimuli of any kind.
And when the body is at ease and therefor not noticed,
and if one can push the pause button on thoughts for a few moments.
What do you notice??

One IS.

This is IT.