Sunday, January 29, 2012

Passing by

Life is passing by with joys and pleasures with pain and sorrow.
And it wants to be felt welcomed in all of its guises.
It wants to be fully taken in, and it will leave the premises as soon
as we have tasted all in its fullness.
As soon as we put up resistance to one side of life, it will
start bugging us, will keep at our heels. Will not let us go
until we have seen also this side.

The moment we refuse to feel the emptiness, the depression,
the sadness, the loss, we get trapped in the resistance to feeling it.
And suddenly it becomes a big thing.
The funny thing is that the emotion itself is not the problem.
Fully feeling whatever is there, whatever the emotion, carries
in itself grace and beauty and brings us to silence, to what we are.
The problem really is in the resistance of feeling the emotion which
has been labeled negative or difficult.
Then a whole story starts.
The drama, the person and the why and how of it all.
Often it is unconsciously done, imparted to us through our upbringing
and eduction. We have been taught to limit ourselves, not to let the unpleasant emotions into our lives.
Trying to control whatever comes our ways.
Only the 'good' ones are allowed in.
Until we feel suffocated by our self made prison.

To take the courage, the leap and be willing to fully experience whatever life is offering at each moment is Grace itself, is freedom.

Late afternoon sunlight through the windows
firework from a distant village
a cawing crow calls out

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Aware presence, what we are,
is always alive, immediate, fresh.
Its not then and there
but now and here.
totally available and open.
And only so because it is recognized now and now and now.
Again and again.
That is the aliveness, the recognition of the moment.
At each moment, as there is only ever now.
With all the senses wide open.
All and everything always fresh and new...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are hijacked, all of us.
Taken from our natural state of oneness,
of undefined unlimited and unlocated beingness.
Of wonder, immediacy and intimacy.

Deluded in believing what everyone around us told us
when we were very young and innocent.
You are a girl/ boy, so and so, age, story upon story.
A thing, a person, a someone, located and limited.

We forgot where we came from.
Forgot who and what we are and
played the game of being a some body.
Always having this nagging feeling...
Something is missing..

Oneness is playing the game of hide and seek
until we tire of it and want to come home.

Just ask the right question
and investigate..
Who am I.. ?

The neighbour plays the piano
the windmill turns with screeching sounds
babblers outside the window scratch the soil
looking for titbits


All is already the case
as it is
no need to change anything
it is already the perfect expression.

Whatever form this expression takes.
Be it sweet and gentle or rough and pushy
Be it storms and cyclones or sunny days

Could it be any different?
Does the weather have any choice in the way it is?
Does anyone have a choice in being the way he/she is?

Feel the incredible benevolence inherit in accepting
the way things are.

You are already perfect
right here right now.

No need to go anywhere.
No need to look anywhere else for a brighter future.

Already the case.

As it is.

Sunlight filtering through the windows
coconut leaves rustling in the wind 

the dog on the terrace moans and howls in his sleep

Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

What is it?

This pulsating aliveness always present already, 
is what we are. 

And in this, 
and as this 
our story unfolds. 
The story of a person: 
male – female, 

And everything that is happening to us. 
Our work, 
our friends, 
our living circumstances, 
our achievements. 

And everything that has happened to us in the past. 
The bad things happened to us, the good things. 

With this we keep ourselves busy. 

Retelling our stories over and over
in detail as this is what we know. 

And through this we define ourselves 
and project ourselves as a person. 
This is what we are.
Are we?

We live in a mysterious universe. 

We do not know what it is. 

Even though we have measured and labeled it 
and can tell you the name of even the tiniest particle of matter. 

But what is it? 

Do we know? 

When we see the colour blue, 
what do we see? 

What are colours, 
what is a shape, a tree, anything really.? 

Without names and labels 
we look and do not know actually what it is. 

We do not know what we are really.

Without names and labels what can you say?
Its all a mysterious unknown..

What is it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

....lost your glasses ?

Stop in your tracks.
Stop for once, and notice what is always here already.
Notice what is always present in all your experiences.

See that there is a constant stream of things, coming and going.
Thoughts, feelings, sensations, conversations, people, happenings.
They all have a beginning and an end, constantly changing.

Notice that there is something which notices this stream,
something which is always there, unchanging.

This Something is just here,
it is always here.
It is never not here.
Always Present.
The one thing which is constant.

It is so close and natural to us
that we fail to notice it.

Its like the fish in the ocean looking for water
not realizing that it has been swimming in water all its life already.
Already the case.

Its like looking for your glasses while
all the time you are looking through them already.
Already the case

You are this timeless, always present awareness,
Already the case.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What the heck....

One is the totality of one's experience here and now.
The total input of sensory perceptions, thoughts and feelings.
One sees and is the seeing.
One hears and is the hearing
One thinks and is the thoughts
One feels and is the emotions
One senses and is the taste, the smell, the touch
And all simultaneously
All inclusive
One field of perception in which all is happening
Is the happening

An orgasmic explosion of colours, tastes, moods, lights,
talks, sounds, encounters, thoughts.
An infinite variety of things coming and going
No separation
You are That

( Well what the heck is this all about... ? )

Driving the motorbike on a small country road
with the snapped tree skeletons on each side
like giant matchsticks
the airflow on one’s skin,
the smell of decaying leaves
the light of the sun reflecting on a mirror
dodging bicycles and motorbikes
two girls in brilliant coloured sari’s slowly on a moped
an old man in a lunghi looks bewildered left and right
the village pond full of water
a thought passes about the shopping to be done
fallen electricity wires like spaghetti in between the shops
a buzzard circling high up in the sky
the sound of traffic, horns,
passing blaring music
a pile of garbage mixed with leaves and branches
a young boy looks up meets your eyes, smiles and waves
seemingly moving and unmoving at the same time
as all is happening in the one space
coming and going
no separation
you are that

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A cylcone ravaged this area last week 
and changed the appearance of things.

Cleaning trees from roads and houses 
has been going on everywhere

Restoring villages and houses to water 
and electricity has top priority.
It looks already much better than four days ago.

Interesting to see the sense of community 
which springs forth when a disasters strikes.

The sense of you and me and the differences 
thin out in the face of the demands.:
 'Clearing roads, and getting civilization back on track.'
People are open and positive and 
look at the world with new eyes
as it is literally changed 
beyond recognition.

An awesome power.
Life in one of its many moods.