Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sinking slowly

Late afternoon
A magpie robin sings beautifully
while the sun is sinking slowly
behind the trees.

Rays of sunlight
coloring the living room in
deep yellow orange.

Two young mongoose
running over the terrace 
in quick movements
looking up when they hear
the typing sounds
from the laptop.

The wind coming in through
the windows
touches the skin.

Perceiving is on going at all times.
One knows a thought
One knows a sensation,  a feeling,
One knows a sound,  a form,  a shape.

Cognizing what is
Without words.
Always already happening.

In order to write this post one describes and
labels in order to communicate.
But always with the understanding that
there is no independent person doing it.
The perceiving is never separate from what is perceived.

Its emptiness cognizing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Immutably so

The one stable factor in your life,
in any one's life,
is the you who is
experiencing this life.

In other words,
you see life happening.

It appears as shapes and forms,
colours and sounds,
smells and tastes,
thoughts and sensations.

This life is in constant flux,
always changing.

The one who is noticing however
is always the same.
Its always you

Immutably so
Not going anywhere.
Always right here
right now.

Life appears in what you are:
this open spacious awareness.

And you are the life that is appearing
in you as you,
as there is no separation
to be found.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Whatever appears
Whatever it is
What a marvel

How can we be not amazed
Awe struck.

The simple fact of colors
What is it?
What is the color blue??

Or shapes and forms.
Endless variations and possibilities

And what about movement?
From here to there.

A hand moves through space.
without a story,  without interpretation.
Its awesome.

Thoughts and emotions
showing up from nowhere
telling a story
isn't it amazing that this is happening at all?

And the most amazing thing is
that everything is known instantly.
Is recognized for what it is.
Yellow is seen as yellow
and a square is recognized as such.
Irritation is known
as well as the wind on your face.

There is no gap in this cognizing.
Its happening in a split second,  even less.
It is instantaneous.
The immediacy and intimacy of knowing.

There is no space between the observer and the observed.
If you look closely its only observing,  cognizing that
is happening, at all times.

Did you notice?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are you "done" ?

A well known ND teacher visited last week.
We spent a day,  going around,  shopping, 
eating and talking a lot.
We came to the conclusion that being 'done' 
is not a reality for both of us.

Nothing, is ever fully 'done',
as life always moves,
is in motion,
changes from one form to another.
It is never static.

However, the recognition of Being,
in which all takes place IS,
and is what we are,
IS unchanging
and always so.

And in This the body mind hypnosis
build up over decades unwinds itself.
Changes shape,  as life throws up one thing
after another.

The mind can make up all kinds of stories and they become
real because they are believed in.
The infinite capacity of Awareness to create anything.
Whatever we believe in,  becomes reality.

Question everything:
whatever you believe
whatever you perceive,
whatever appears
You are not that
You are not a thing.
You are No Thing
You are Nothing.

You are the cognizing emptiness in which all takes place.
Right Here Right Now.
Already the case
If you can see through the mind made construct
you believe yourself to be.

Find out for yourself.