Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letter to a friend..

Dear Jerry,

In your last email for the second time you thank me 
for making you feel welcome in Amsterdam.
So i paused with this, 
and then all the instances came back where ND teachers 
have been open to me when i was still puzzled by it all. e.g.
Leo Hartong, John Wheeler, Greg Goode, 
Rupert Spira and others.

They have been patient, welcoming, 
answering my emails sometimes in a matter of hours, 
meeting with me, not asking anything in return.
There was never an agenda, 
something they wanted to get out of it.
There was this impersonal energy 
which i can now call Love, 
which wanted to clarify, 
wanted the confusion to go so also in 
this body mind organism awareness could recognize itself.
And it did.

So now here there is the natural functioning 
which is also opening and welcoming 
anywhere it finds the need, 
or the joy of recognition.

So really, it is not of my doing, its impersonal, 
 it comes spontaneous and probably 
especially towards you.
( but that is also not thought out ).
Because i am aware that you were an amazing 
instrument all those years ago, 
who brought all these small factions together, 
in a way started it all, made it all happen.
And just on my terrace eating my breakfast 
and now again typing this to you, 
i feel tears of gratitude and joy for it all.

it goes on...

and of course the list goes on,

the ndhl's which are coming in my mailbox every day 
are a source of delight, inspiration, and recognition,

the event of SAND happening, 
which are such an obvious expression of
this amazing open perspective,
 ( its breath taking )

the joy of meeting from time to time with Didier, 
who got knocked out of the personal confines 
by Ramesh Balsekar 13 years ago,
and practically the only one i can 
share this perspective with here.

and my ex partner who is visiting at the moment 
also recently recognized the obvious, 
and then one can just be together
without the past.

In other words the upsurge of gratitude 
is continuing on and on..


thank you

thank you

there is no end to it

one calls it grace or love as well

and there are no sides

there is nobody

its just happening

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who is watching ?

Just read somewhere something interesting, it goes like this:

When you watch the world,

is it you who is watching or

is the world watching you,

and is there a difference?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who is driving the dream bike ?

Who am I ?

I know who I am
it is not this person

I know who I am
and it is not visible

I know what I am
yet it is not anything anybody ever called me

I know what I am
and it is impossible to put in words

I know who I am
it is nothing tangible

I know who I am
it is not here or there

yet closer than our own breath

Our natural state

even now

already the case

Monday, December 12, 2011

Understanding is all

One common misconception is the notion
that at one point in the future,
after many satsangs and lots of meditation,
one is miraculously transported to
another level of consciousness.
A state where one is in permanent bliss,
where there are no more problems,
where there is no more pain etc.

While what is actually required is a clean clear
looking at reality
Without labels, concepts and ideas.

To realize the simplicity of it.

And to understand that what one is looking for
is always Here and Now.
Always available,
Always already the case.

Understanding is all

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vanilla pudding

Throw it all on the garbage heap
Chuck it out
All knowledge
All ideas
All concepts
Leave it behind

Free from labels

Can you look upon the world with fresh eyes
As if for the first time
Not knowing...?

Does it HAVE to make sense?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Recognizing one's natural state is easy
and has been seen by every one already.
After all its what we are.
How can one not notice one's beingness?

More problematic seems to be accepting
the ordinariness of it.

We are unable to let go of the stories we have come to believe
and have never verified for ourselves.
And the core-belief of being a separate someone sets us of
on all kinds of things to do and to achieve.

In other words the simplicity might turn us off.
After all, no more goals to reach,
no more hopes for a better future.
Just this,
here and now.

Also there need not be any great revelations or blinding lights.
Its just the quiet noticing of everything.
And you are not apart from That which is noticed.
You are That.

Are you able to settle for That?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011


All is forever changing
in unchanging spaceless space

When one recognizes the changeless,
That which always Is and in which
all else is coming and going,
there is the liberation of not having to
be anything in particular.
As One is That which
cannot be named, located, limited.
The freedom of being nothing and none.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Spirituality, like all words, is a concept.
We do not know exactly what it is but
have endowed it with all kinds of meaning.
And for every person it represent something else:

Higher states of consciousness.
Hours of meditation to reach enlightenment.
The assuming of an attitude of aloofness and holiness.
The belief in a deeper/higher reality than 
what we are able to perceive.
Devotion for deities, gods and gurus.

The list is long.

And yes, it is all in the realm of possibilities in the story of humankind.

What is talked about here is something different.
It is plain looking at what is real,
without concepts and beliefs.

Reality as defined in a dictionary:
something that exists independently of all other things
and from which all other things derive.

Simply looking what is.
Life perceiving Itself.
As it is.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you know?

Who are you right now?

Do you know?

Did you ever ask this question?

Are you your body?
No, I am more than the body, obviously..

Are you your thoughts?
Not really, thoughts are coming and going continuously..

Are you your feelings, and emotions then?
Well, they are felt to be closer somehow, but..
they also go again...

What about sensations and perceptions?
They are always changing...

Then who is it that notices these phenomena?

What is looking?

What is aware?

Can you name this?

Does it have any qualities?

Is it not this open spacious field
in which everything appears and disappears?

Awareness of awareness
is sat chit ananda.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Other ?

There is no other.
All perceptions take place in my self.
No where else will i be able to perceive
the sights and smells, the sounds and
sense perceptions except in the empty
space where it always occurs.
Right here and now
my very own self.

Thoughts about others and memories
are taking place in this placeless place.

The appearance of and thoughts about
the person i have come to believe is myself,
are also only taking place in this spaceless space.

Which sees and observes.
but can itself never be seen or observed.

When there is no thought
do you stop existing?
Is there not Something just noticing
and observing?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did you notice?


Do not believe anything written here.
Its all concepts.
All crap.
All second hand information.
No use to any body.

And while one is looking for something
Life is happening anyway.

Did you notice?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seeing - Knowing

The knowing referred to here is
already operating in every one.
This knowing is immediate and effortless.
Its the direct perceptions through the senses.
Without it no body mind organism 
could function in this world.

This knowing is not an intellectual knowledge,
thinking things over, 
forming an opinion.

Its not an encyclopedia of facts 
which one can bring forth
at timely moments.

Its not the akashwa records 
which mysteriously drops down
and makes one spout utterances 
of past lives and future events.

This knowing is the immediate noticing 
of all that is present.
Which is ALWAYS operating already 
whether one notices this consciously or not.

Its knowing without a doubt 
the sensations of hearing, tasting, seeing,
smelling, thinking, sensing at every moment.

The moment food comes in the mouth,
immediately one KNOWS
( without labeling it as such )
whether the food is hot or cold,
whether it is salty or sweet,
whether it is smooth and soft
or crisp and chunky.
Nobody needs to tell you that.

Its the immediate KNOWING
( without labeling it as such )
of a headache
or tickling sensations on the foot.
Whether a sense of well being is there
or a bout of depression
or some irritations.
Nobody needs to tell you that.

Its the immediate effortless knowing of all
that comes in through the senses.

Its as simple as that.
Appearing in the immediacy of presence
of what you are.

Just this.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


See what is happening right now.

This is it.
The experience of this moment
is all there ever is.

Always only this moment.
That is all there is to it.
There never will be anything else then this moment.
And again now, only now.

All stories that you are not there yet,
the idea of the seeker,
and something to find,
all ideas of salvation in the future
are only a continuation of the created identity
to perpetuate its own illusory existence.

Life is just life.
Simplicity itself.
Effortlessly perceived.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life itself

Of all things the most amazing is
Life itself.
Which is no thing
Which is all there is
Which is you
You are all there is

There are no clear borders between what you
take yourself to be and feelings, 
thoughts, perceptions, the world.

Nothing is demarcated indicating:
Here is where you stop

the perception of something else starts.

There is no separation, check it out.
Its all happening in the one space which is you.

There you are

Sunday, October 30, 2011

To be death to the world

An unconcern is present which does not
care much one way or another,
 as All is well.
All is seen to be o.k..
So there is no preference for another thing to happen
then the current experience.
All is equally fine and perfect.
Outwardly this might look disinterested
and cold, and it is as no thing,
relationship, death, accident, happening
makes a dent in the wholeness and completeness
which is always present.
Nobody at home.

But then as involvement is necessarily part of
Life, once engagement in one activity or the other
is taking place, it happens with the utmost concern,
eye for detail, and care.
Life unfolds as if there is an absorption by the
task at hand, and it is.
Nobody at home.

Task accomplished;
its immediately forgotten,
leaves no trace.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Passing through

With right understanding,
simply by questioning,
by observing what is going on,
one will see that our conditioning is just that:
Nothing solid, nothing permanent either.
Things come and go.
Even if some hang around for some time
they always disappear.

At one point it must become obvious
that all these things are put there by circumstances,
by happenings in our life, by our culture and education,
over which we had no control.
So why to be burdened by it?
Why to take it on as belonging to me?
We had no choice in any of this.

So let it happen as if it has nothing to do with you.
Even the most sticky ones, the most me-felt ones,
See and recognize that even that is
only conditioning passing through.

Simply let go of the identification.
No struggles.
Just see them coming and going.

You are the seeing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


All words, all images are conceptual.
And cannot touch what is real.
No object can manage to understand,
grasp, or get what is being pointed at.

What is required is an understanding of the
inability to grasp and with it
a letting go of that movement.
Letting go of wanting to get It

And simply rest and see.

An important distinction must be made
in the difference between thinking, thoughts,
in wanting to get it,
which are movements in consciousness,
and that which sees and knows the thoughts.
As there is no movement.
Movements, thoughts, objects are noticed by it
but is itself unmoved.

You remain as the unmoved seeing and knowing

Friday, October 21, 2011

Well ?

Who are you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Center stage

Information comes in at each moment.
Through all the senses, hearing, seeing,
tasting, smelling, perceiving is going on.
Its direct and immediate.
Its happening NOW.

Its on automatic and in the back ground.
We pay little attention to it because
we have given thoughts center stage.

Absorbed by its own stories mind
endlessly comments about things
already passed, or things which have not
Always out of tune with NOW.
But around this we have constructed an identity.
This is me.

Lopsided we go through life
sensing something is not quite right.
And as the mind and thoughts are 
habitually accustomed to go out 
and look for answers, 
that is where the solution
is thought to be found.
In books, and seeing teachers.
The mind trying to figure out its own demise.

While all the while the solution is where we are.
Seeing, perceiving already always on going
in the immediacy of presence.

There never was a blockage, there never was
a closed door only a thinking identiy
mistaken itself as separate.
Its a matter of noticing the fallacy of thought
and all the stories it tells.

It bears no more weight 
than a cloud moving in front of the sun.
And as a cloud it leaves no trace.

The lynch pin

The lynch pin on which all our misconceptions
are hanging is the construct of and
believe in being a somebody.
All felt sense of separation,
of not being there yet,
of levels and goals to reach
are hinged on this one core notion.

If it falls away through investigation and or grace
it is seen that it was never real.
Its like a castle in the air, apparent for some time,
and interesting to watch but when blown away
only empty sky is left.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peanut butter

One generally can agree to statements like:

"As you see yourself you see the world".

An angry man lives in an angry world.
A happy woman sees a happy environment.
Our beliefs and states of minds are determining
the way we perceive.
Why then the inability to apply this knowledge,
when we turn around to ourselves, and our
so called limitations?

We are told we are unlimited and free already and
the only reason we feel ourselves to be a person and
bound is because we believe it is so.
One more time:
Freedom is already the case..
So change it around, take on this knowledge and see
that indeed it is our beliefs which keep us bound.

Try it on:
Unlimited space like awareness
Already free.
Never bound.
Beliefs and notions of a person are
floating and gelling in this empty full
unnameable Something.

And i agree peanut butter has nothing to do with anything.
Just like these posts have nothing to do with what is already the case.
Whether this is written or not is irrelevant.
And if someone reads it or gets it or not matters as much as the dung beetle
rolling over his ball of shit while standing on its head.
( which by the way is beautiful to watch )
Nothing is ever lost, nothing is ever accomplished.
This radiant immovable Something includes already All there is.
And there isn't anybody Else.
That's why there is such a lightness to it.
It really does not matter.

Friday, October 14, 2011

a better deal

What a great invention, red wine.
What great inventions,
all things beautiful and delicious.
What a marvelous adventure this ride of life.
With ups and downs.
The thrills and the scary stuff.
The anger, the pain, the depression, the loss.
Experiencing the highs and lows,
the mountaintops and the valleys.

A million myriad miracles
happening at each moment.

Why would we deny ourselves the richness of life?

We limit and protect ourselves; too scared to enjoy.
Looking away from what is in front of our very eyes.

How much we miss out on the infinite possibilities offered
when we imagine ourselves separate and incomplete.
Not seeing what is here right now,
but looking somewhere else for a better deal.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Already the case

If one understands that the thing,
or no-thing one is looking for,
is already the case, and knows intuitively
that seeking is not bringing you there
then maybe the time has come to change

Stop looking in the mind for answers,
stop trying to grasp
stop the forward movement of
the me here and the something to get over there.

Stop for a moment
pause a thought
and notice what is present.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Your true identity is irrevocably This.
Already the case.

To go and seek enlightenment or awakening
shows a confusion, a misconception, as
what you Are is none other than this wordless Knowing.

No getting away from It.
So stop for once.
See and recognize what is always here already.
What is in all your experiences,
all your perceptions, all your actions
present and aware?

Is it that nameless something in which all is taking place?

The I which is seen as an observer is
itself taking place in this spaceless space.

See and recognize.
Look at your own direct experience.
It is the only thing you have.
All else is second hand knowledge
through books or teachers,
taken on by believing it.

Start where you are.
Here and now.
Dismiss all concepts and ideas,
thoughts you have about this.

See and recognize.
Your own perceptions are the only
thing which matters.
Become intensely interested in your
subjective experience.
What you are is the ultimate subject

Find out for yourself.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just this


A butterfly is fluttering around the flowers of the tree

a fan is spinning

a sensation of moisture on the upper lip

the flickering of light from the modem


sweat is breaking out as
a hot flash is going through the body

the wind rustles the leaves of the tree

Nisha barks


a calendar is swaying because of the
moving air from the fan

a deep sigh

tapping of the fingers on the keyboard




Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling back

Our natural state is the default state
through which the Unborn perceives Itself.

Through the senses it experiences the world and
in this duality it can taste, see, hear, perceive
itself in myriad ways.

An overlay of tendencies and stories
have contracted in a so called person
( the contraction is the person )
and because of this the world is perceived
as if separate and limited.

Perception takes place through this filter of a me. 

When we put the identity of the phantom person into question,
( Who am I? What is looking? )
and it has been seen for the illusion it is, 
we automatically fall back 
in the settings of our default state.


Seeing, perceiving going on.

No perceiver in sight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Certainly uncertain

You are the sky. Everything else, it's just the weather.
~Pema Chodron

One of the paradoxes is that there is
an unshakable certainty.
Beyond words.
Something, somewhere solid,
that is known through being.
The ground of being,
what is, what we are.

But all the rest, the world, issues,
everything appears more and
more uncertain and unknown.
One goes through the day
and things are happening,
that is the only thing one knows.
Things are happening.
What it is or what for, one seems
to know less and less.

Just Life i guess...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A case of mistaken identity

Doubtlessly knowing who we are,
innately, without form or object.
Feeling whole and complete.
An openness which is unmoving
is not rejecting,
is not reaching out.
This is our natural state which will
become apparent once
the belief in the person has subsided.

Once the true identity has been
seen and taken on,
erroneous beliefs fall away.
Like a house of cards.

All problems of existence are there
because of a case of mistaken identity.
When there is no person to reference,
its just life happening.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free fall

When one falls in love with awareness
one falls in love with oneself.
All one is, is instantaneous,
effortlessly accepted.
And this miraculously includes
everything else as well.
in free fall
no end to it...

Friday, September 16, 2011


Awareness is not only
and so fort and so fort,
( which cannot be captured in words anyway )
It is intelligent as well.

Its not a dumb ass dull something
which keeps you smiling like an idiot.
( although that also happens )
It is Intelligence itself.

It sets the planets in motion.
Emanates all existence from
the tiniest particle to the galaxies.
Grows a tree from a seed.
Pumps the blood, replaces cells.
The seasons, the tides all is moved
by awareness, as awareness
who knows what it does.

Don't you think we can take the backseat?
Give up our so called personal existence?

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.?

Let it take you where it wants.
What are you afraid of?
Its what you are,
What we all are,
What is.
Here and Now.

Got it ?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tomorrow is your birthday, 3 years old.
In the last year I've seen
the seamless openness you are
slowly being covered over by the story of
the little boy, the son, the brother
that thickened itself to a skin the size
of your body

You have been asked to name and label all the
thingies in your world:

Duck, boat, sheep, peanutbutter etc.

And by doing so made them seem different
and separate from you.
Creating a chasm in your seamless existence.

I have seen the tension with which you did
this, as if sensing that, yes you have to do
this in order to come by, but knowing
that it comes with a price.

A few months ago you were suffering from
a severe rash on your skin, you were irritable
tensed, uncomfortable, thrashing, crying.
There was no known cause for your rash,
which went on for many days
I told your mother:
'he is allergic to the man-made world.'
She did not understand me,
and must have thought me slightly mad.

Last time i saw you,
a few days ago,
a nice little boy enclosed in your skin,
oblivious to the wholeness you are

We have all been through this process
many years ago.
Believing others and by doing so
identified with this puppet we carry

Isn't it time to break the mould
break out of our skins and
reclaim what is ours?

Recognize what we are
always have been
the seamless totality in
which everything appears.


Sitting here right now with the fingers
on the keys of the laptop,
An incredible stillness and peace
in which all the sounds, sensations
are taking place.
To such an extend that the mind is quiet,
can't think, can't make sense.
An emptiness which takes away
anything personal, located, identified.

Its all one seamless totality.
One happening.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Love,

Why have you veiled yourself?

Why have you believed the lie
that we are separate and apart
and allowed this coldness and coolness
to steal upon your heart?

I see you strutting around as if you
do not know me.
How can you live a life independent from me?
Pretending that I am not here but far away.
Ignore me, when I am the very air you breath,
the blood which is coursing through your veins.

Lay down with me, my Love.
Let all barriers fall away
and See that it's Me
that has been always
Looking out of our eyes

My Love,

Why do you expect my kisses
to be only tender and sweet?
Do you not know i am also fierce and
I love to take you high upon heights
as well as into the pits of life,
show you all my different faces,
and meet me in all my moods.

Come with me my love
I am Here
as You and I

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The fabric of Life

As the play of Life apparent
happenings are going on.

Stories within stories.

All is Consciousness experiencing
itself manifold.

We are taken in by the appearances.
It is convincing and enticing.
We love it, because we love
the drama of it.
The wealth of emotions,
the agonies and the ecstasies.

We have become hypnotized by
the rich fabric of Life.
Where every strand is a person with a story,
which spins itself into a past and a future,
that we have lost sight of That in which
all is unfolding.

That as which all is happening IS
has no name
is timeless
sees all the stories
their beginnings
and their endings

And is what you are
beyond all the
labels and the

Be still, and Know the I AM

Monday, September 12, 2011

Here I am

As awareness is All,
the ultimate subject,
what All is,
what we all Are,
so everything
we meet is IT.

All the contacts with the world
is only ever the Beloved meeting us.
Every face, smell, colour, sound, sensation.
The smiling kid looking up,
the grumpy sales man in the shop,
the embrace of our lover,
the throes of our illness.

No getting away from IT.
The Beloved pursues us relentlessly.
Every breath we take is only ever
This which is touching us
with Itself.
The boredom, the depression,
the delight and the joy.
Through every contact it is calling
out to us:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011


The one thing blocking clear Seeing
is the belief in the thought
that there is a person.

This spins out as a continuous
self referencing.
Everything is related to this
fictitious entity.

Me, my, mine.
my thoughts, my opinions
Instead of passing thoughts
appearing and disappearing.

my feelings, oh my my what i feel
Instead of emotions
coming and going.

Everything comes and goes
in the same way as the landscape passes
by when sitting in the car.
Trees, people, perceptions, thoughts.
Seen coming and seen going.
No difference.

no me no my no mine

Friday, September 9, 2011


Most people do not
not want to be liberated,
they want satisfaction.

Alexander Smit

Blessed freedom from all conventions,
morals, expectations.
The freedom from the notion
that one should conform
and fit in.
The freedom to be whatever
is expressing itself at this moment.
That can be anything.
From sweet and compassionate
to upset and even slightly mad.
As there is no one to check
or even to know what the next action
or thought is going to be.
And there is no one interested
to conform to standards.

Freedom also from the idea that what
is written here should be coherent or
As there is never an idea what
is going to come.

It is liberation from the person
which is freedom from limitations.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not One Not Two

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Not knowing

Not knowing.
Not sure of anything.
The world of things and
mine and thine is a mystery.

A web of labels and interpretations
has covered the unfathomable.

Cut into little pieces
and each lives as if it has life of its own.

Split from the origin
they pretend that the world is known
by its labels.
Dried up, stick like,
living lives of quiet desperation.

Step beyond the labels
and immerse in the bottomless
ocean of Being.
Always Here Now

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whose eyes?

The late afternoon sunlight
shining through the window
reflects on the stone floor
and like a bright lamp
lights up the whole room.

A solid field of silent stillness in which all appears.
This open spacious awareness is always here now.

And when there is recognition
of awareness with its source,
joy and peace are overwhelming

Tears in one's eyes.

As Awareness is All there is.
There is no Other.

Far fetched

One wave in the ocean to the next:

Did you hear the latest talk?
Water, it must be some substance what
we all are made out off.
They say the ground of all our being and existence.
Something which animates everything.
Without it we, you dear wave and me,
would not exist.
And everything we know and experience
is made out of this water they say.

You see according to this view you and I
have no separate independent existence
but are only and wholly made out of this water.
Seems far fetched to me.
What do you sayyyiiieeeeeeaaii.splashhh ... blub blub

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lalla land

I do not know myself,
nor you, my Lord.

I mistook the body
for my identity.

I didn't know
that you are
me, and I you,

yet still I keep wondering
who you and I are.

- Lalla, from Naked Song -

One keeps on wondering...

How great that there are no limits to this;
contemplating the mystery.

How blessed I am.


Monday, September 5, 2011


This is hopeless

For the person
to make it into a strategy and try to
grasp or get hold off.

For the mind
to understand, figure out or
make it into a system.

The person will never be able to do anything
to come closer.
Really really hopeless.....
Nothing you can do.

And then maybe it dawns
that it is a relaxing into That
what you already are.
A giving up, a surrender of all
grasping and seeking.
Perhaps turn around and
simply notice what is here already

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Opening up to
what is
what you are
right here
right now,
the seeking stops, the search ends.

From a personal point of view a calamity.
An existence where there are no more goals
no more ideas and ideals to go after.
The center of the universe,
the idea of being a person,
has collapsed.
And everything which made sense before
is now seen to be empty, meaningless.
A black hole which sucks up all the crutches
which hold up the pseudo identity.

And then, existence pulled free
from this limited point of view,
reveals itself to itself.
And Life becomes a wondrous happening.
A mysterious unknown
where everything is full of meaning
is fullness itself
without explanations
the immediacy of perceiving what is
the beauty
the earsplitting silence
the peace which passeth all understanding
the total acceptance of what is
choicelessly aware

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Awareness is patterning right now
as a hazy and slow state of affairs.

The body is slumped a little
because of tiredness,

sweat is running down the back,

a tiny insect walks on the screen
of the laptop,

a thought about the bad condition of the fridge
is passing through,

frogs are heard,

as well as music of a distant village,

dogs are barking.

The awareness that there is not the inspiration present
to make a free and interesting blog post.

Awareness perceives it all
and sees it all with clarity.

Sees it as it is..

Friday, September 2, 2011


Why not?

No problem

Being aware of being aware,
complications cease
problems disappear.

How come?

A problem only exists for a person.

Thoughts spin a story as they
connect an issue to the imaginary me.

No me
No problem

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Enlightenment is the great and final disappointment,  
the dissolution of all our egoic fantasies and grand hopes.
                  (Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche)

Let go of all that tells you
that you are
limited, personal, located.
That you are
incomplete, separate, bound


There is no how.
You have to look for yourself.
Is there any truth in these
beliefs and ideas.?
A burning passion to find out
is all you need..

Keep looking

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There you are

When sitting relaxed
somewhere sometime
watching the scene
whatever it is
it might happen that
a quietness is noticed
naturally observing
what is there
without strain or tension
without labeling or judging
Just seeing things as they are

There you are

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aliveness happening

Everyday ordinary awareness
Simplicity itself
What else could there be?

And you are That
As you are
Nothing to add
Nothing to change
Whole and complete
Always have been
As you are
Right here
Right Now
Aliveness happening

Monday, August 29, 2011


Nothing to achieve
Nothing to do
Being oneself
Life takes care of the rest

Sunday, August 28, 2011