Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Unmappable

How wonderful that Life is not static,
always changing.
Forever moving
into something else.

How wonderful that even from Nonduality
we can move on.

Why to remain stuck on one level?
No matter what it is called.
Is there not more to discover?

If we think we have figured it out and understood
we have mapped the unmappable 
yet again.

Never stop to wonder
the miracle of Life

Friday, September 8, 2017


Firecrackers from villages in the distance
A truck's engine coming closer on the small forest path
It is overcast

The setting of this instant in time
which includes all of time as there is only now.

We are open ended systems. 

For the sake of convenience 
and to be able to navigate this earthly existence
we have taken on a body 
and have more or less identified with a personality.

But we are timeless beings.
Naturally already one with all of Life 
as life is One and undivided.
And we are always already in contact 
with who we truly are and with all that is.

Which will become apparent
when we break down the seemingly solid beliefs
we have accumulated on our journey up to now,
and which seem to divide us into 
me and the rest of the world.

We spring forth from the One substance 
which automatically includes all.

And we simultaneously also experience life, 
ourselves and the world uniquely the way we do.

All of life is this open free intelligence.

Also the trees, the chair, our bodies, 
insects and thunderstorms, 
an emotion,
Everything is consciousness, 
aware and responsive.

The more we know who and what we are 
and what we are not,
the more this will help us to free ourselves 
of the prison of personal identity.

Once we know who we are, we can celebrate life 
through the miracle of this present personality 
and experience Life as the wonder it is.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The coffee is still too hot to drink
my love is turning over in bed
geckos are chirping
fridge is humming
birds everywhere 
singing their song.

In the timelessness of now it is 6.54 am.

Is there a time apart from now?

Through the intelligence of this body mind,
there always has been a wish, a need 
to explore, to investigate.
To find out how life functions.

Emotions, thoughts, perceptions.
Natural phenomena, 
relational encounters.
What is this life?

e.g. what do we meet when we meet a person?
What makes up the energetic interchange 
when we speak to someone?

Is there an natural openness and aliveness?
Or is it burdened by assumptions, expectations? 

How open and sensitive are we to existence?
And to ourselves?

How clogged are our perceptual instruments?
All the beliefs and assumptions we have.

How much of what comes up in us is authentic,
original, spontaneous?

How much is habitual, conditioned by our past?

Do we let our lives be governed by concepts
of other wise men or women?

Are we afraid to think for ourselves, 
to stand on our own feet?

Or do we have the courage to trust what is true for us 
and live and act from there?

And are we original enough to question 
the one who is perceiving?

Who and what is the true identity of the the one
who is reading these words.

Who are you?