Sunday, August 25, 2013


Knowing that I am not a person.

Not knowing what I am.

Do you?

Do you buy into everything they have told you?
Society, education, upbringing?

Are you your thoughts? 
is that where your identity lies?

Or is it more your feelings,
moods which can give physical sensations?
Is that you?

Do you have the courage to look at your
identifications in another way?

Dare questioning the status quo?
This is me.

Is it?

What you are is no object,
it is not a thing,
it is nothing that you can name,
it is not solid

One can become a little disoriented,  
dizzy, whoosy going from the identification 
of form to this formless openness.

Remember this is not about thoughts and concepts. 
It is an investigation,
looking how things are

Let go of all concepts,  and just look, see.

What you are does not come and go
it is always right here and now
Does not judge and label
Already totally available
and present
Without effort
Without practice
Already the looking through your eyes
Already the hearing of the sounds
Already life living

Always happening NOW.

This is IT..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kicking the lazy separate self butt....

"There is no doer"  

is not the same as  

"there is nothing to do".

There is no doer might be taken by the personal construct,  
the body-mind organism still under the impression 
of being a separate individual that there is nothing to do.

So the statement there is no doer is taken as a concept. 
And a position is taken in regards to this statement. 
The interpretation often leading to passivity, 
complacency,  and a quiet desperation.

I can't do anything is not what is meant...

There is no doer,  is a description of how it already is.
And the invitation is to investigate,
is to find in your own experience that what
this concept is pointing at,  if it is true.

So in a way the concept there is no doer invites,  
asks the reader to look,  to investigate,  to do something.

It invites the beingness you are already,  
but which is wrapped up in wrong concepts, 
to start questioning this individual you think you are.

If this thirst for reality takes over it can be intense, 
passionate and as it takes over more and more,  
it is seen and recognized that the beingness,  
oneness has been there from beginning to start.

It is the One looking for Itself.

The search is not a person trying to find enlightenment,
It is Oneness trying to wriggle Itself out of the confines of
this personal construct. 

All the beliefs which tells you
right now that you are an individual,
separate and independent.

Actually Beingness would love to
kick your lazy separate self butt seriously
so you will finally start questioning this false identity.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nothing personal

Nothing is personal.

The person is not real.

It does not mean that the energy patterns created
by our beliefs,  our concepts,  
all the things we think is me, do not exist.

They do exist, and this is the cause of the creation of
the energetic construct of a me.
And what makes us experience ourselves as separate
and independent.

The beliefs which were holding this idea 
of a person together when we were a 
child are different than what is holding 
this me together right now.

So it is not solid and has no independent existence.

The problem comes when we hear a statement like:
The person does not exist.

Fear and anxiety might come up.
We get scared because this is all we know.
We know ourselves as this person.

In reality the only thing that dies 
is the ideas we have of ourselves.

The me we think we are, 
is seen for the construct it is.
The illusion is seen through.

We notice and know that we are existing.
Are existence itself
in which everything appears and disappears.

From a tight fist,  the person, the resistance,
its an opening of the hand ,  a flowing,
and just seeing, knowing, experiencing.

This is all there is.

Just This..

Simplicity itself

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sun touched

How is Anamika?  a friend asked.

Anamika is going continuously through changes; 
from a bit heavy to ecstatic,
from tired to well being,
from sitting quietly at home watching a movie
to running a company,
or visiting a bedridden friend.

Some thoughts are turning around this a bit,
but are gone in no time.
And while all these changes are happening
there is the perception of that occurrence
through all the senses.
The person Anamika is never separate from that
which is happening.
The smell,  the sights, the sounds, the touch, the taste.

Everything is always changing.

And everything is simply seen.
Nothing is personal.

Sunday morning,
a deafening Silence and
children voices,
wind in the palm trees,
sun touched green,
looking out of the window,
typing these words

Just happening