Monday, December 28, 2015

"Eat the Grapes"

Here and Now.

Whatever is showing up.

No agenda
no resistance
no defence
as there is no identification.

Simply the noticing what is.

No need for words
for labels
for defining
for trying to fit into a conceptual framework.
Whether religious, spiritual or nondual.

Simply the noticing what is.

"Do not keep talking about the garden
Eat the grapes"  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Even then...

Even when the body is in the throes of a virus
and it coughs
and aches...

Even when emotions from decades ago resurface
and are felt and experienced,
and because of that, for a while, 
there is something we might call despair.

Even then everything is fully experienced 
as it is,
as itself, 
as there is nothing outside of what is present.

The illusion of being separate seen through,
the filters screening direct perception evaporated,
and the fight with what is 
makes place for 
Life happening.

There is simply what is.

In whatever disguise it chooses to show up.

Painful emotions are not a sign of separateness
if we are not perpetuating a story with it,
but simply feel the emotion in all its depth
As it is.