Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Early morning,  every day,
a lone babbler pecks furiously at its reflection
on the stainless steel container of the solar water heater.
Pecking,  flapping its wings,  and high sounding shrieks.

At war with its image.

Its sisters ( they are commonly called the Seven Sisters )
fly,  glide,  and babble unconcerned.
They do not find fault with themselves and/or the world.
 ( which is the same in any case )

The simplicity of this perspective is so amazing,
that it seems silly to even open your mouth and say something.
Or sit in front of a laptop and write something about it.

Its too obviously just here,
Just all there is.
The direct cognition
without interpretation
ever present.

Stop in your tracks and look.
This is It.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

..but a show.

The world is but a show, glittering and empty.
It is, and yet is not...
It has no cause and serves no purpose...
It appears exactly as it looks, but there is no depth in it, nor meaning.
Only the onlooker is real.
Call him Self or Atma.
To the Self the world is but a colourful show, which he enjoys
as long as it lasts and forgets when it is over.
Whatever happens on the stage makes him shudder in terror or roll with laughter,
yet all the time he is aware that it is but a show.
~ Nisargadatta

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thats my life

Yes, I’m truly a dunce
Living among trees and plants.
Please don’t question me about illusion and enlightenment
This old fellow just likes to smile to himself.

I wade across streams with bony legs,
And carry a bag about in fine spring weather.
That’s my life,
And the world owes me nothing. 
~ Ryokan

Friday, December 21, 2012

Prison ?

How come when we question and lament 
our prison,  our limitations, we never really 
consider questioning the prisoner.?

Its our mistaken identification with the person,  
the prisoner, which is the cause of all felt limitations.
Limitations are inherent to being a person.

But we are, all of us,  
God having a human experience.

Know who and what you are and 
what you are not, then all perceived limitations 
are known to be part of the play of Life.
To add colour and spice to existence.

When identification has dropped away
the natural state becomes apparent.

What you are is inherent free and limitless.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A window

In the window of time
the past and the future
sneak in, and
are sitting side by side
where you and I are reading these words.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The perpetual problem

A few days ago somebody told me in a conversation:

The idea of a person perpetuates itself by coming up with problems.
Without problems there is no need for a someone to come into existence.
Then it is just Life happening.

Its like the seeker who keeps him/herself into existence.
Coming up with one questions after the next.
The identity of the seeker intact by the fact of the search.

Oneness playing hide and seek.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The world is my mirror

"First realize that your world is only 

  a reflection of yourself and stop 
  finding fault with the reflection." 

~ Nisargadatta 

"People do not seem to realize 
 that their opinion of the world 
 is a confession of character." 
~ Emerson

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wind on our cheeks

What is it to be admitted to a museum, to see a myriad of particular things,
compared with being shown some star’s surface, some hard matter in its home! I
stand in awe of my body, this matter to which I am bound has become so strange
to me…Talk of mysteries!–Think of our life in nature,–daily to be shown matter,
to come in contact with it, rocks, trees, wind on our cheeks! The solid earth! The
actual world! The common sense! Contact! Contact! Who are we? Where are we?
~ Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Did you notice?

All life appears in its wholeness and entirety at every moment.
 Now is all we got.
 And how ever it appears,  is how it is.
 The dullness,  the aches and pains,  the irritation.

Even exhaustion is effortlessly perceived

Did you notice?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

While seagulls cry

After an absence of more than a month,
which brought this body mind organism to 
two different continents, 3 different countries,  
10 different sleeping places.
Innumerable people seen,  at airports,  bus stations,
train stations, in cities and on the road.
Participating as a volunteer at the fantastic 
SAND conference.
And getting affected by the tailwind of hurricane Sandy.
Meeting people in groups or one to one,  
in many ways possible.
Seeing feelings and emotions pass from 
intense and ecstatic,  happy and content,  
friendly and warm, to sick, nausea
tense,  incomprehension,  heavy and thick.

In other words,  life happening.

The I am becomes where one is.
One becomes the friendly and warm 
conversation with friends and family,  
talking about nothing in particular,  while
drinking coffee and eating cake.
Or the seasickness on a boat of a choppy sea
while seagulls cry.
One becomes the ecstatic and alive atmosphere,  
beaming away at all and everything on the conference.
And one is the vastness of the landscape 
while walking happens.
The golden leaves on the trees
and the rippling eddies in the water moving in me.

No resistance to what is at every moment
as there is no separation.

Monday, October 15, 2012


The unimaginable newness of each moment.

The unborn,  
the unmanifest, 
perceives Itself through all your senses at each moment.

At each moment 
It tastes, 
through what you think of as 
your eyes,  
your ears,  
your taste buds,
your skin.

Just for a moment imagine....

There is only the Divine as there is nothing else but That
  ( so where does this leave you? )

The hypnosis of being a person is in reality 
That living and perceiving through you, as you.

Whether you are aware of this or not does 
not make any difference.
Its happening anyway.

When the illusion of being a limited person 
has been seen through one knows that there is 
only This expressing, and experiencing Itself 
through and as all appearances and stories.

Opening up to This as This
one is touched by beauty, joy and gratitude.

The wonder and aliveness of each moment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"There is irrefutable support that the Universe is, 
   in fact, a big, playful puppy"
                                                       Jed Mckenna

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Do you exist?

How do you know?

Which faculties do you use in order to determine that you are alive?

Do you have to first think about it?

Are your thoughts determining whether you exist?
They are the evidence for the life you are living?  Right?

And what if there are no thoughts?
Do you stop existing?

Are not thoughts always on top of the perception of being alive.?
Stuck on,  like subtitles on a movie.?

A narrative commenting on life which is already taking place.
Even if you stop the subtitles still the movie, life continuous.

So if it is not your thoughts?

How do you know you exist?

There are no answers in words..

But then what is it?
Who are you?


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heaven is Now

There is ever only this moment.

And we are under the impression 
that this moment is not good enough.
This moment is lacking.
We come up with all kinds of arguments 
to support our belief that this is true.

The world is going down,  
and we need to work hard to make it a better place.

I still notice egoistic tendencies in me,  
they should not be there,
it should be all already surrendered to the Divine.
You see, there is still something wrong with me.

It is often an innate sense of unease,  
something so close and sticking to
us that we do not even notice it.  
Except that it tells us that this moment
is not enough.  
It sets us off on all kinds of projects to improve,
to seek solutions,  to labour,  and sweat, 
because in the future it will be better.

But this future never arrives.

It is in moments of happiness 
of being stunned into Oneness through
e.g. falling in love, or through Grace, 
that we notice that this sense of unease has left us. 

We are fully in the present moment.
And we want more of this.
We want more,  because it feels so good.
So once we fall again down from 
the heights of happiness we even have more
arguments to support our idea that there is 
something out there for us to reach.

The golden pot at the end of the rainbow.
Some kind of heaven.

But if we pause to consider...
Now is all we ever got, all we ever have.
There is nothing else.
All ideas about a someone who has to improve
about a world which has to improve,
only happen as ideas in this moment.

Without the ideas of something being wrong, 
there is the immediate sensing, perceiving, 
noticing, seeing, knowing 
going on effortlessly.

And in this noticing unease might be there, 
or irritation, anything at all.
All of life shows its many moods
and everything is noticed and passes.

It passes as there is not a someone 
who hooks on the idea that it should be different.  
Who keeps perpetuating the story, the sense of unease.

The simplicity and immediacy are staggering,  
and the result is an effortless noticing 
of everything which occurs.

Problems are only there for a believed in person.
Without the idea of a person there are no problems.

Welcome to heaven
Heaven is Now

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"What is obstructing realisation?
  Nothing but your own half-hearted desire for truth"

                                                                         Zen master  Bassui Zenji

Monday, September 17, 2012

The key to Oneness..

Oneness can only be perceived by an uncluttered gaze.
An open view
Nothing obstructing the immediacy of perceiving.
Touched by all and everything.
As this is what we are.
The beauty
The boundless joy
In wave after wave
Sat Chit Ananda

In order to get to the point where Oneness is 
known to be what we are, 
one necessarily has 
to come out of the confines,  
the shackles, 
the beliefs 
which convey to us 
that we are 
and separate.

The way to free oneself of those bonds,  
this prison, is simply to question.  
To find out.

Is it true?
Am i limited? 
Do not take any answer as an easy way out.
Find out,  touch the walls of your prison.
Do they have a permanent validity?

Am i who i always thought i was?

Who am I?

If you're looking to find the key to Oneness,
there is some bad news and some good news.
The bad news is:
there is no key to Oneness.
The good news is:
the door has been left unlocked.

                                                        Jan kerschot

Sunday, September 16, 2012

the doors

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is - infinite.
                                                                                                                                            ~ William Blake

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

an apple falling on your head

When, at some point, there is a spontaneous surrender of the personal needs,
preferences, desires, opinions, and beliefs that function as 'reality filters,' the
realization of your true identify may spontaneously arise. When this happens
there will be no more questions. You see that everything is the answer - that the
guru is and has always been completely present. He manifests as the person,
inner voice, or happening that triggers this surrender. Any way the invitation is
extended, it functions as the guru. It may be silence from a sage or words from
a shopkeeper. The surrender may come through agony or ecstasy. It can happen
through an apple falling on your head; it can come from the smile of a child; or it
can arise from deep inside as you walk along a beach at sunset or when your burn
your finger on the stove. At any time, your sense of separation may dissolve to
reveal the One beyond all duality.
~ Leo Hartong

Monday, September 10, 2012

A jungle of green

Sweaty sweltering Monday
Humidity sticking to the skin
Trickling down

Multi coloured creatures
Standing silent
Swaying in the wind

And hooting, tjirping , shrieking
Crawling, climbing, flying high
Chasing each other
up and down the tree
in a jungle of green

Just happening

Saturday, September 8, 2012

pitter patter

morning dew
dripping drops
on broad leaf plants
a single bird tsjirping

midday lunch
clinging of cutlery
and babbling voices
over plates of pasta

evening silence
fireworks in a distant village

the empty night
swallows all


From Self to Self

"I the Self reveal Self by Self in Self. 
Liberated by this knowledge,
one enjoys the play."   
                                                    Sri Aurobindo


a gushing sound

I don't believe in breathing, I just breathe.
I don't believe in my heart, it just beats.
I don't believe in the hummingbird
who sleeps on a lilac twig, its head pillowed
on her own emerald breast.
I don't believe in the silken cat
slipping silently through her element of moonbeams.
I don't believe in your gaze, it just obliterates
my confusion.
I don't believe in Jesus or Mary, who wander
through a forest of secret flowers in my body
searching for the fountain of silence, the end
of believing.
Whoever finds that fountain just listens
to a gushing sound.

                                                          ~ Fred LaMotte

Monday, September 3, 2012


The urge to write is misguided.

To whom?
For what?

Its all Oneness already,  always.

Its all already perfect as it is.
Appearing as it should.
Everything that appears is Oneness appearing as that thing.
And this includes the body mind organism and
the believed in person with its habits and patterns.
Is only Oneness appearing as that body mind organism
and the believed in person with its habits and patterns.

Always over and over,
and there is nothing apart from This.

Nothing is wrong,  nothing to get.

So lets all just go home and have a party.


( This is also only Oneness talking to itself and having a ball )

Monday, August 27, 2012


These last weeks there have been quite some 
discussions in ND circles on the internet 
about teachers charging money
for satsangs and retreats.
I was wondering why we make such an issue out of it. 

When a robber on the street assaults you, he might say: 
‘Your money or your life.’

Someone who gives satsangs has even more to say to that:
‘Your money and your life.’  

If one is willingly going to satsang knowing fully 
well what is at stake:  your life  
( after all you are asked to see through the illusion of 
the person you believe yourself to be )   
and you are willingly sacrificing this life,   
what is the big deal of a little money next to that.
It pales in comparison to what you are asked to give up.

Actually a person going to satsang 
is coming for his/her own death.
If you think about it is crazy.  
Who wants that?
Really, a sane person would stay away 
from Nonduality, from satsangs.   
You are asked to give up everything.

The person will never get This.
The person has to die....  
Its only through Grace that 
something of a shift takes place. 
And after the shift happens it leaves 
one disoriented, empty and bewildered.
If you want my advice: 
stay away from Nonduality and teachers. 

Keep your money and run.
Run for your life...    ;-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shift happens

Its strange to write about this.
It feels impossible to put in words,  
as it is so subtle
that one is not sure if it is true,  
or one just imagines everything.

Since some days after intense questioning something shifted.

Before there was the awareness 
of not being a person,
but somehow it still felt localized.

 ( Like the felt sense of a formless something
    floating in spacious awareness.)

This 'new' thing is just Nothing at all, 
so if i am not kept busy, or going on into habits, 
i just stare into space.

Sitting in front of a plate of food,  
hardly knowing what to do with it,
like everything stops.

Nothing makes sense,  it is dream like.
Looking at something and it feels you fall into it.
Dissolving into what is.
It is a disorienting 
and makes one a bit dizzy at times.

Yesterday morning on waking up 
going for a walk.

Discovering that the felt sense of the body had disappeared.
The way the body was perceived before in the way 
the muscles were holding the posture was gone.
No felt difference with the surroundings.

Also the vitality has changed.
A walk would be with some sense of purpose and
going somewhere,  some energy with which to do this.
Now walking goes slower with no purpose.  
Everything slowed down.
And at times presence stops everything.

But then also life just goes on,  
picks up the person and moves it 
around in a reasonable fashion.
And when i am with people, 
normal responding is going on.

At times the  mind comes in and 
chatters and jabbers away about it all.
Trying in vain to make sense of it. 

And of course in the end 
Nothing happens anyway ;-).