Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Isolation ?

All of existence
and each tiny thing
exists at this moment
because of everything else.

A flower does not exist in isolation.

It needs:

The solarsystem to be in place

Soil and water to grow

Birds to carry seeds

Insects to extract the honey

Seasons to come and go

Winter and death for renewal.

Can we say that there is a flower, one thing?
Or do we see a movement,  a happening?

Does a person exist,  alone,  separate?
apart from existence?

Or rather, 
there is no separation
not a somebody
no center?

Only a happening.
A perceiving of all that appears.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The belief in the idea of being a person 
keeps up imaginary boundaries which make us 
feel limited and incomplete.

While in reality no such separateness exist. 

These beliefs are supported by our language.

A language with nouns gives a 
wrong interpretation of the world.

Nouns make us believe that there are 
separate objects existing independently of each other.
While more accurately everything is always 
in a state of flux, of movement. 

We are verbing.


Always everything is in movement.

And at no time is there an independent 
person at the center of this.

The world is verbing. 

The tides coming in and out.
The seasons changing from one into the next
and there is no clear line where one 
has become suddenly the other.

A tree is a growing process at each moment:
from a seed to sapling to an adult tree 
to an old tree to a dead tree 
to firewood...

Always moving, changing.

Scientists find that the smallest quantum particles
they can observe are changing shape constantly.

The smallest particle is not a noun it is a verb.



Saturday, July 4, 2015

Naturally Free

Within, without and beyond
the mind made world of
opinions and 
the unexpected
of Life
is always
dancing to
its own

Where do we focus our attention?

Naturally free already...