Saturday, February 27, 2016

Forgotten costumes


A Yes to everything.

Resistance to the wind.

The helpless and 

hopeless surrender to what is.

As we are thrown around  

by gales and storms

and caressed  by the pleasing breeze.

The passion for the Divine 

is overtaking us in our own house.

It will empty us of all 

of what we think we are.

And take ownership.

Like the landlord who claims 

his rightful place.

He does not shy away from the things 

we rather hide and bury under the floor boards.

While we attempt to block our ears 

for the skeletons in the cupboard

who are rattling their bones 

and for their yearning calls

to be heard and included,

He invites them all into his gaze.

And by doing so plucks away 

the hidden dresses and costumes

we had forgotten 

are still wearing our names.

He does not leave until all is His.

Cleaned out


Nothing left



Thursday, February 18, 2016


A process of integration after the initial awakening
is inevitable.

A life time of misinterpretation, 
falsely believing to be an independent identity,
has stored itself in the body.
Along with the trauma's, the pain and the injustice
closely linked with this initial error.

These layers are opening up,
slowly or suddenly,
when the pressure of the main contraction 
of the individual identity, 
have fallen away.  

Opening into this new open space,
where finally they can be felt just as they are,
emotions, e motions,  energy in motion, 
and move on,
releasing their charge.
The body becoming more open and alive.


Another consequence of this natural functioning,
is that the organism becomes more sensitive.

Perceiving without filters, without barriers,
felt directly.

And life, as we can see all around,
is a dance of variation
of differences, 
of minute details, 
of highs and lows,
of ecstasy and despair,
of breathtaking beauty,
and ugliness.

All is keenly felt
in this One open space 
where perception is ongoing at all times.
And where nothing is more felt as me than anything else.
Because everything is felt as me.
Ultimate subjectivity. 
All the flavours and perfumes of existence.
Are all simply appearing. 

Operating spontaneous

If the penny has dropped,
if the shutters of perception remain open,
a lot of ease and contentment are a consequence.

Hopes, fears, dis-ease are synonymous with the 
individual contraction, so if the focus and obsession
have fallen away something artificial is gone and
the natural functioning of the organism 
becomes apparent.

Operating spontaneous without a someone directing
or wanting things different,

Everything is simply observed, seen, known for what it is.

Directly cognizing.

All of Life is seen without filters.



It is all about me

There is the habit
to make the things which happen to us 
about me, 

Which of course is natural and true 
because the me is 
the only constant in our lives.  

Everything is always happening
to this me, 
with this me, 
is observed by a me.

Ultimate subjectivity

This is the case with everyone, 
awakened, or not. 

An Avatar, or street bum makes no difference

This never changes, 
as long as there is a body, 
as long as there are senses 
this is the case.

It is always happening to or through this me.
With capital or not.

The difference is really 
knowing who or what we are 
underneath and beyond our conditioning

Who do we believe we are?
What have we taken in, 
all those years?

In all of us, 
growing up, 
a conceptual reality has over layed the direct perception.

We believe ourselves to be a someone separated from
the rest of existence
This we have conveniently
put outside of our skin..  ( so funny )
And created an inside and an outside.  

If through a process of decondioning, inquiry and insights
the filters which are obscuring our perception 
are disintegrating, we find out through experience 
that life without filters is the natural state.
Everything is directly perceived.

That is the difference.