Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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How could there ever be anything apart from this Something?
Which is All there is.
Its impossible.

Everything which is happening, is already the case,
is already this Something.Nothing falls outside of it.
All things, even the ones which in spiritual circles are looked upon as egoistic, even the things which from the 'outside' might look angry or upset, even the belief of being a separate person,
are ever only appearances in and of this Something.
There is ever only the One.
Whatever the appearances.
Whatever labels we have put on it.
Nothing else exist.

( p.s. And this Nothing includes Everything ;-) )

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Monday, February 27, 2012


Received the following email:  

Just read your blog "Watching the clay dry" this morning. What happened to the sparkle of joy and humour ? all buried and overwhelmed by depression? At least it seems a bit that way for your devoted readers.

 This is the answer: 
No depression whatsoever. 
Just nothingness, emptiness which becomes an immobile massive silence. 
Everything stops. 
Could sit for hours and Edgar Tolle came to mind sitting on a bench. And when i drove through some villages yesterday, the insight that when awareness is aware of itself, not moving out to the world, its emptiness and silence.  
And when it is aware of itself and the world its love, happiness. And then Nisargadatta's words made themselves known:  

'Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, 
 Love is knowing I am everything,
 and between the two my life moves.'

Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Watching the clay dry

To know that there is no doer is nice.
To take on this concept can make life more pleasant as
then we do not have to worry or blame or regret what
ever decision or happening comes our ways.

And what if volition has disappeared and
only emptiness, nothingness is there?
With nothing moving or stirring.
No thoughts, no impulse, no ideas.
One sits in one's studio and just stares and sits
and sits and stares.
Some recurring chores are being done, 
and then one sits again and stares.
Looking at the clay, with no impulse 
to move it one way or the other.
Then one just watches the clay dry.

Like the cows lying down on the side of the road.
Noticing the mopeds go by.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Life, Existence is what it is.
To call it Dual or Non Dual is beside the point
and irrelevant.

Life does not need a description to be what it is.
Its already happening.
We do not have to run after it and throw a label on it.

( Unless you like running and/or labeling of course...
as then that is what's happening. ;-) )

And who is there to care...?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of course we are

'The universe is a self-surprising arrangement, so as to
avoid the monotony and boredom of knowing everything
in advance. And you and I have conspired with ourselves
to pretend that we are not really God.

But of course we are

We are all apertures through which the universe is looking
at itself"

Alan watts

What to say..?

Someone asked me today: 'What is God?'

What to say?, what can one say about everything
not leaving out anything?
What can one say about the miracle called Life?
What can one say about that something which perceives
All, is All but defies any description?.

That something which animates the stars, the atoms,
the renewing of cells, this amazing functioning body.
Look at any tree, anything for that matter and one
can be stunned by the miracle of existence.
The shapes, the colours, the textures, such an amazing
array of sensory perceptions appearing as that something that
cannot be described.
Beyond labels, beyond the idea of being a somebody.

Surprise, surprise... you are that something

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012


'There is a crack in everything.
That's where the light comes in.'

                                                 Leonard Cohen
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What the bleep do we know?

Chained to the wheel of life, our habits and
expectations, our beliefs and desires are propelling
us forward in a rut of our own making.
Day after day.

Is this why we are here?
Nobody wants to know and find out?
Where is the wonder, the curiosity?

Questioning everything, even one's own existence,
especially one's own existence.

Opening up to whatever is beyond the conceived limitations
of our own identity..

are you in for a surprise...

Friday, February 17, 2012

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Anyone ?

Is there anyone out there?
Or am i writing to myself?

Who knows?

Writing is just happening.
Reading these words is just happening.

Nobody is doing anything.
It is one movement.
No separation.

Happening at this moment .
Happening now.

The late afternoon sunlight dances in orange on the walls.
A tree pie calls out while my neighbour is hitting the keys
on the piano.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Given a choice, most would prefer
to be comfortable than to be free.

But as there is nobody to have a choice
the preference for not upsetting the status quo,
for not investigating the belief of being a separate
limited individual is also just happening.

Oneness playing the game of not wanting to recognize itself .
( yet ? )

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The missing piece

There is only One, there is no second.
In This and as This all appears and disappears.
Being always only One.
Immutable, unmoving.

There is no other aspect, there is no other thing, there is no other person.
There is only One.
So how could there be anything else.?
So how could something exist apart from One.?

To assume there is something apart from One is illusion
Its not reality.
No separate person exists.

Once this is seen all falls into place.
The missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
And then all is seen as it is.
Simple ordinary awareness,
already the case as it is.

And then one can fall on one's knees in gratitude
for the wonder of it all which is One, which is me, which is you,
which is everything, as nothing exist apart from
this which is already happening, is happening,
right at this moment, which includes all and all
and everything.
And words do not apply, and nothing can describe
the beauty, the openness, the aliveness, the intimacy
all happening as One, in One.

Breaking all bounds,
Bursting open the heart
Falling to pieces

Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Knowing who and what one is
means basically that one lives in unknowing.
No clue really, as it cannot be grasped.
But one knows that one is.
One is aware and knows that one is aware.

This is freedom, freedom from beliefs and illusions.
Freedom from the dead weight of the past.
From so and so said so, and stale reverence.
From habits and empty rituals which have replaced
the living questions which brought us here.

Life is living and moving, always fresh and new.
As soon as you label it, bottle it, put a lid on it and shelf it to be adored life has passed you by already.

Clearing up one's identity is all there is to it.

Vegetarian music..

A common assumption is that once this has been seen,
one will be automatically catapulted into a teacher position.
Become a master, who gives satsangs, moves slowly, is always
calm and saintly, and listens to 'vegetarian music'

Some might end up answering questions, many never will,
As life has many expressions.
And all are equally valid.

p.s. The expression 'vegetarian music' i knicked from Tony Parsons.

Dead weight

Reading about this topic, one can stuff one's head
with more dead weight concepts.
Before our grasping mind, trying to get one's head around it,
images get considered.

e.g.Hearing about the infinite the image of a long stretched out infinite might appear.
Do notice this is just an image and has nothing to do with what is pointed at.
Its another concept.
With the word oneness, the image of oneness as people and things merging
and blurring into each other could turn up.
Again another concept, nothing to do with reality.
And in turn these images might evoke a sense of longing for those
illusory realities, as some far out states to be reached.

This is not the way to go, it is still the mind trying to grasp.
Instead keep investigating the assumed identity.
Get clear about who and what you are.
Who are you?


When we recognize this placeless place.
When we know who and what we are.
We are at home.
This is happiness.
Whole and complete.
Nothing to add,
Nothing needed from the ‘outside’.

It does not mean we suddenly know everything.
That we change overnight and become a genius or superwoman.
Rather one steps into unknowing and a sense of wonder.
Open to the mystery which is Life.
With the knobbly bits still sticking out here and there.
After all, Life is what it is, with its ups and downs and its ‘imperfections’.
The beauty of it All is seen.
Everything in its place
As it is.