Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scary stuff

What is it with emotions that scare us so much?
Why are we ever on the defense?
In resistance to simply feeling
what is present.

As small children we were not strong enough
to bear strong negative emotions. 
Our nervous systems not fully developed yet.

As a survival mechanism we learned to close up 
and lock them away.

Later in life they still scare us.

Pain, anger, feeling lonely, abandoned, frustration, etc

We are so not used to feeling them that we 
do not know what to do with them.
We resist them
And then it becomes so heavy, 
so difficult.

If we can allow them just to be there.
And almost tenderly and intimately feel them.

Feel them so totally, it leaves one cleansed. 

Without words
without labels
without resistance
it becomes almost beautiful.

Friday, September 11, 2015

How can a fish become a bird?

All we are and ever gonna be
we are already.

How can a fish become a bird?

Because we are suffering from the idea of
a mistaken identity
are we on a quest.

To become,  
in the future
what we aren't already.

Not here
Not now.

Looking away from what is present:


Always here and now

Did you notice?