Sunday, October 30, 2011

To be death to the world

An unconcern is present which does not
care much one way or another,
 as All is well.
All is seen to be o.k..
So there is no preference for another thing to happen
then the current experience.
All is equally fine and perfect.
Outwardly this might look disinterested
and cold, and it is as no thing,
relationship, death, accident, happening
makes a dent in the wholeness and completeness
which is always present.
Nobody at home.

But then as involvement is necessarily part of
Life, once engagement in one activity or the other
is taking place, it happens with the utmost concern,
eye for detail, and care.
Life unfolds as if there is an absorption by the
task at hand, and it is.
Nobody at home.

Task accomplished;
its immediately forgotten,
leaves no trace.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Passing through

With right understanding,
simply by questioning,
by observing what is going on,
one will see that our conditioning is just that:
Nothing solid, nothing permanent either.
Things come and go.
Even if some hang around for some time
they always disappear.

At one point it must become obvious
that all these things are put there by circumstances,
by happenings in our life, by our culture and education,
over which we had no control.
So why to be burdened by it?
Why to take it on as belonging to me?
We had no choice in any of this.

So let it happen as if it has nothing to do with you.
Even the most sticky ones, the most me-felt ones,
See and recognize that even that is
only conditioning passing through.

Simply let go of the identification.
No struggles.
Just see them coming and going.

You are the seeing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


All words, all images are conceptual.
And cannot touch what is real.
No object can manage to understand,
grasp, or get what is being pointed at.

What is required is an understanding of the
inability to grasp and with it
a letting go of that movement.
Letting go of wanting to get It

And simply rest and see.

An important distinction must be made
in the difference between thinking, thoughts,
in wanting to get it,
which are movements in consciousness,
and that which sees and knows the thoughts.
As there is no movement.
Movements, thoughts, objects are noticed by it
but is itself unmoved.

You remain as the unmoved seeing and knowing

Friday, October 21, 2011

Well ?

Who are you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Center stage

Information comes in at each moment.
Through all the senses, hearing, seeing,
tasting, smelling, perceiving is going on.
Its direct and immediate.
Its happening NOW.

Its on automatic and in the back ground.
We pay little attention to it because
we have given thoughts center stage.

Absorbed by its own stories mind
endlessly comments about things
already passed, or things which have not
Always out of tune with NOW.
But around this we have constructed an identity.
This is me.

Lopsided we go through life
sensing something is not quite right.
And as the mind and thoughts are 
habitually accustomed to go out 
and look for answers, 
that is where the solution
is thought to be found.
In books, and seeing teachers.
The mind trying to figure out its own demise.

While all the while the solution is where we are.
Seeing, perceiving already always on going
in the immediacy of presence.

There never was a blockage, there never was
a closed door only a thinking identiy
mistaken itself as separate.
Its a matter of noticing the fallacy of thought
and all the stories it tells.

It bears no more weight 
than a cloud moving in front of the sun.
And as a cloud it leaves no trace.

The lynch pin

The lynch pin on which all our misconceptions
are hanging is the construct of and
believe in being a somebody.
All felt sense of separation,
of not being there yet,
of levels and goals to reach
are hinged on this one core notion.

If it falls away through investigation and or grace
it is seen that it was never real.
Its like a castle in the air, apparent for some time,
and interesting to watch but when blown away
only empty sky is left.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peanut butter

One generally can agree to statements like:

"As you see yourself you see the world".

An angry man lives in an angry world.
A happy woman sees a happy environment.
Our beliefs and states of minds are determining
the way we perceive.
Why then the inability to apply this knowledge,
when we turn around to ourselves, and our
so called limitations?

We are told we are unlimited and free already and
the only reason we feel ourselves to be a person and
bound is because we believe it is so.
One more time:
Freedom is already the case..
So change it around, take on this knowledge and see
that indeed it is our beliefs which keep us bound.

Try it on:
Unlimited space like awareness
Already free.
Never bound.
Beliefs and notions of a person are
floating and gelling in this empty full
unnameable Something.

And i agree peanut butter has nothing to do with anything.
Just like these posts have nothing to do with what is already the case.
Whether this is written or not is irrelevant.
And if someone reads it or gets it or not matters as much as the dung beetle
rolling over his ball of shit while standing on its head.
( which by the way is beautiful to watch )
Nothing is ever lost, nothing is ever accomplished.
This radiant immovable Something includes already All there is.
And there isn't anybody Else.
That's why there is such a lightness to it.
It really does not matter.

Friday, October 14, 2011

a better deal

What a great invention, red wine.
What great inventions,
all things beautiful and delicious.
What a marvelous adventure this ride of life.
With ups and downs.
The thrills and the scary stuff.
The anger, the pain, the depression, the loss.
Experiencing the highs and lows,
the mountaintops and the valleys.

A million myriad miracles
happening at each moment.

Why would we deny ourselves the richness of life?

We limit and protect ourselves; too scared to enjoy.
Looking away from what is in front of our very eyes.

How much we miss out on the infinite possibilities offered
when we imagine ourselves separate and incomplete.
Not seeing what is here right now,
but looking somewhere else for a better deal.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Already the case

If one understands that the thing,
or no-thing one is looking for,
is already the case, and knows intuitively
that seeking is not bringing you there
then maybe the time has come to change

Stop looking in the mind for answers,
stop trying to grasp
stop the forward movement of
the me here and the something to get over there.

Stop for a moment
pause a thought
and notice what is present.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Your true identity is irrevocably This.
Already the case.

To go and seek enlightenment or awakening
shows a confusion, a misconception, as
what you Are is none other than this wordless Knowing.

No getting away from It.
So stop for once.
See and recognize what is always here already.
What is in all your experiences,
all your perceptions, all your actions
present and aware?

Is it that nameless something in which all is taking place?

The I which is seen as an observer is
itself taking place in this spaceless space.

See and recognize.
Look at your own direct experience.
It is the only thing you have.
All else is second hand knowledge
through books or teachers,
taken on by believing it.

Start where you are.
Here and now.
Dismiss all concepts and ideas,
thoughts you have about this.

See and recognize.
Your own perceptions are the only
thing which matters.
Become intensely interested in your
subjective experience.
What you are is the ultimate subject

Find out for yourself.