Monday, October 10, 2016

Sweet and Fierce Kisses

Our many layered manifestation,
that through which we perceive the world/ourselves,

( note that the world and ourselves are not 
two separate things, it is one and the same substance
although perceived as different from each other.
Much as we might see one tree but notice the difference between branches and leaves, flowers and bark )

is more or less ready to perceive the non separate nature of existence.

Much depends on how we came into this world.
What kind of package, 

Much depends on what Life has in store for us.
The impulses motivating us.
Which happenings, accidents, encounters in our lives 
are directing us.

If we are lucky a wish to know takes hold of our lives.
A need to inquire as to why and how we are here.
What is the meaning of all this?

Questioning the so called solid facts of life
the expectations of society, family.

If we are lucky there is still room for the voice of
the unknown beckoning us home.

In this process of discovering and inquiry
many of the filters screening the direct perception 
may leave us.  

Clarity is a powerful means to dissolve the veils
standing between what we are 
and what we think we are.

An awakening experience e.g. can reveal with utmost clarity
that we are not limited by the person we think we are.
We are not separate.
We are a perceiving capacity.
Direct and open.

And when the awakening experience has passed,
we are left to unwind, and unveil 
the trail of identifications laid down in our
mind and body.
Indentations of our passage through this world.

We are asked to ferret out all the hiding places 
of the separate self.
And notice the ways again and again where
identification want to take up station somewhere.

When through Grace the penny drops irrevocably 
we are knowingly the unknowable, unfindable 
always presence of awareness

Then there will be no more room for 
loosing it, or having it.
The identification with the person 
who is suppose to have it or lost it 
has disappeared.

And then still the unraveling continues.
Deeper down in the substance of our matter.
The subconscious, pre-verbal, past lives,
all that wants to be unwound.

Making more room for clarity
for This to love Itself more nakedly.

And still all that shows itself is This.
Sweet and fierce kisses of
the One substance.
Kissing Itself. 

A wonderful thing is that all the images and expectations
of how spirituality, awakening, realization looks like 

One is whatever is present.