Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Tree?

Is it possible to look at something 
without its descriptions?

To take in all the information and not be 
waylaid by all what we have learned about it?

We look at a tree and
automatically associations are coming up:

The latin or common name

It looks dry it could use some water.
I hope the monsoon will be good this year.

I am so glad it is close to the terrace so
it gives some shade.  etc etc.

Now look again or keep looking.

Is it possible to see the shapes and colours
without any descriptions and labels?

Sensing rather than describing.

A wordless allowing of all the information to enter.

The textures, the colours,  
The rustling sounds when
the wind goes through the leaves
The smell, the temperature of the shade.

All the sense perceptions open to whatever comes.
There is no reaching out or wanting to organize.   

Taking in the raw information through the senses.

In this way of perceiving the structure of the
observer and the observed collapse.

There is seeing but there is 
not a separate something
seeing a separate other thing.

Seeing includes the whole of the field.
All the colours and shapes and sense perceptions.

And then the tree disappears as we do not
know anymore what we are seeing
and what It is that is seeing.

There is only the seeing/perceiving operating.



Sunday, November 16, 2014


Are there any special conditions required to
apprehend the truth of our own being?

Contrary to what we are assuming or
are lead to believe,
at any time 
at any stage and 
at any place 
seeing through the mirage is possible.

Difficult situations
challenging circumstances
hardship and pain are NOT an

It is in trying situations that we are confronted 
with borders, resistance and limitations.
And at each moment we can investigate if
identification with a personal me is involved 
or not.

A challenging situation
will create resistance, tension
and therefore more hardship,
if there is personal identification.

But never at any time is there a hindrance to know
the truth of our own being.

Presence awareness shines.

Ask the question at any time:
Is there at this moment the awareness of being aware?

And if the answer is:  'Yes'
can we settle for that?
Stay with the simplicity of
knowing who we are?

Or do we see immediately a story starting up?
Resisting the plain and obvious
for a story about me,  
about past  
about wrongs done to me?

Maybe time to investigate this?


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our ordinary everyday experience...

There is only Oneness.
Oneness is the substance of the Universe
and is already Self Aware.

If we can see the indivisible nature of Existence,
if we realize that there is nothing outside of This
it follows that we are It.

We are already Self Aware.
Aware of the fundamental nature of reality,
as we are.

Our everyday ordinary experience of what we call ourselves
is already Oneness having the ordinary everyday experience,
as there is nothing outside of This.

If there is enough interest and if we are moved to do so
we will be lead to observe ourselves and 
extricate all that tells us that we are not
already whole and complete.

All the thoughts which keep the story spinning 
around a fictitious me.
Everything that tells that we are separate and limited.

Behind and through our conditioning is 
the unlimited nature of beingness,
the nature of the universe
and our natural state.

All in One

Being aware of being aware.

Already Self Aware.