Sunday, November 18, 2012

While seagulls cry

After an absence of more than a month,
which brought this body mind organism to 
two different continents, 3 different countries,  
10 different sleeping places.
Innumerable people seen,  at airports,  bus stations,
train stations, in cities and on the road.
Participating as a volunteer at the fantastic 
SAND conference.
And getting affected by the tailwind of hurricane Sandy.
Meeting people in groups or one to one,  
in many ways possible.
Seeing feelings and emotions pass from 
intense and ecstatic,  happy and content,  
friendly and warm, to sick, nausea
tense,  incomprehension,  heavy and thick.

In other words,  life happening.

The I am becomes where one is.
One becomes the friendly and warm 
conversation with friends and family,  
talking about nothing in particular,  while
drinking coffee and eating cake.
Or the seasickness on a boat of a choppy sea
while seagulls cry.
One becomes the ecstatic and alive atmosphere,  
beaming away at all and everything on the conference.
And one is the vastness of the landscape 
while walking happens.
The golden leaves on the trees
and the rippling eddies in the water moving in me.

No resistance to what is at every moment
as there is no separation.