Sunday, January 27, 2013


Every moment is new
and completely open
when we can see it as it is.
Without the luggage of the past
With the eyes of a child.

An innocence
A happiness
Just like that
Without reason
Because of Everything,
Because of Nothing.

Shining through
without obstruction.

The Divine is not something far away
Its closer than we think
closer than our thinking
More intimate than our own breath

And its breathtaking
when we are falling together
with the recognition
that we are That already
and always have been.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trying to understand God...

Trying to understand God is like
trying to fall in love with a kilometer.

                                                                 Alan Watts

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Dark quiet night

a hooting scops owl

toothpick between teeth

uncomfortable sensations

where the bum meets the hard sofa

barking dogs at a distance




Do not feel the need to spread the word,  
or 'help' others.
How can it be?.
There is no other.

And in the world of separation,
where the idea of being a person is believed,
nobody wants to hear this.
Nobody wants to dynamite his/her own house.

Nobody will get this anyway.
Its just noticing that everything is 
already the total perception.

The sensing,  feeling,  thinking,  
smelling,  hearing,  being.
Taking place already automatically,
naturally, without a someone doing it.
Is already ongoing.
Every moment.

Just singing my song.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

it's everything less..

From Jed Mckenna's notebook:

"The enlightened state is not, as is commonly supposed, the special state.

The unenlightened state is the magical, mysterious, incomprehensible state. Awake is just awake. It’s not something more, it’s everything less.

My state is natural and easy. I carry no baggage. I labor under no delusion. I don’t spend my life force animating a fictional persona. All paradox lies with the unawakened state.

The awakened don’t have something that the unawakened are missing, it’s the other way around.

The unawakened possess massive structures of false belief. They create and maintain these vast realms of past, present and future; of great meaning and importance; of a deep and wide emotional range; all woven together out of sheer nothingness. Something from nothing; that’s the magic, that’s the special state.

The unawakened state is the one that requires such ceaseless dedication and devotion and which seems so fantastically improbable. The awakened state is nothing compared to that. 

The lifeforce I’m not using to project a false self is now available for much more fun and interesting purposes. It's a whole different universe once all that petty self crap has been left behind.

This is a link to an interview,  or better an uninterview, or conversation between Jerry Katz and me on 28 December 2012.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Absurdly content

A deep pink orange sky
Mosquitos zoom in,
looking for bare skin.
Dishes and cutlery
cling and clang in the neighbors house.

One side effect of this perspective
is the lack of anxiety about imperfection.
The lack of tension.
Of wanting things to be different.
There is an absurd contentment a lot of the time.

Of course life is throwing its interesting 
titbits in this open empty space.
Last week through misunderstanding and 
mistrust from someone i got threatened 
to have some thugs come and beat me up. 
She said:  

I know where you live and work. We will come after you.

Very interesting to see what happens when 
these words were uttered.
 Fear, anxiety and shrinking came through.
And then to see that these are words and ideas
and have nothing to do with what is real.
Seeing that what one is cannot be touched.

Confronting the situation full on.
No choice in that,  
as there is no separation
and no one who is separate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

as if no time has passed..

after an absence of more than year
the peacock showed up.

As if no time has passed.

Sitting on the terrace wall
soft tockling noises
peeking through the kitchen window:

When will the food come.?

A piece of dry bread.
And off he comes
clumsy and quick.

In the late noon sun
An explosion of blue green hue
pecking at a crust