Sunday, March 30, 2014

Step back

Step back 
step back..

Back from the motivations to act. 

From the identification with the 
swirling thoughts 
and lingering feelings
passing by like buses and cars in
front of our window.

Back from everything 
which defines us as a person. 

Step back from everything which tells us 
that we are limited and separate.

Step back just a little while 
as if it is a game we play.

Like the game we played in reverse
when we came into the world and played
the game of being the little boy and girl 
because we so much wanted to please our parents.
After all the survival of this body depended
on their interest in us.  


 And after playing the game of being this little girl or boy
for some time we forgot that it was just a game,  
because no one told us otherwise.

And with this forgetting we lost home. 
Not knowing any more who we truly are. 

Instead we identified with this pseudo identity.
Always sensing something is not quite right,
something is missing,
something is wrong.

And as everyone else, 
we started to look outward,
somewhere else for completion.
Relationships,  work,  money,  enlightenment, 
cats and dogs, children, cigarettes, 
sex and drugs and rock and roll.

Anything at all to fill up the hole 
created by this misidentification.

We have lost sight of the simple fact of being.

Unconditionally present.

Always here and now.

And more intimate than our own breath.

Step back and see what is always present already..

Consent to be nothing and none, dissolve Time's work
Cast of thy mind, step back from form and name
Annul thyself that only God may be. 
                                                             Sri Aurobindo

Monday, March 24, 2014

Heaven and Hell

Soft silver dew on grass,
an animal snatched one of my shoes from the terrace last night.

Amidst a chorus of sweet singing birds,
the loud cawing sounds of crows,

Cool air comes in through the open windows,
and the infection on my heel throbs and oozes.

The sweet morning sun 
becomes the murderous fiend at noon.

Which ever way we turn
there is no up without down
no good without bad.

Heaven and Hell
sleeping sweetly
on the same pillow.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Life just is.

There are no conditions necessary
for Life to be itself.

A natural unfolding.

A full sounding Yes
to everything that appears.

Which is already happening.

Resistance comes in with the
belief in the existence of something 
separate from Life.

But even this belief in separation comes out of Life
as there is nothing apart from This.

The game of not knowing who we truly are.

Until suffering and/or revelation
remove the blinders from our eyes.

It is not out there.

It is here and now.

We are what we are seeking.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Presence beyond belief

What is the truth of existence
of Life
of ourselves?

Can we capture it in words
and concepts?

Measuring the infinite with yardsticks?

Taking a bucket of water to describe the ocean?

What if right here and right now
there is no need for words and concepts
to perceive what is already present?

Unclutching the mind with its persistent habit to grasp.

And just look and see.

Life screaming at us through all our senses.

Presence beyond belief

Simply here already

Words can point towards but never
capture the infinite.
And there is no need for words 
to know what we are.

Just this..

Thursday, March 6, 2014

hither and thither

With not a care in the world
one is blown hither and thither.
At times to lie quiet in a corner,
and then again with the wind
high in the thick of things.

Shaken and moved
at different places.
Here and there
up and down.

And one is moved
or immobile gladly.
As either way
is always
is everything 
the touch
of the Beloveth.

  There is no greater joy than being
a slave of God.