Monday, May 28, 2012


Stillness,  unmoving,  immutable.

Sitting on the back of a motorbike
Going 100 km an hour
Leaning in as the resistance is great.
And the wind is tugging.
Trying to tumble us.

And yet,  what I am is still.
Does not move.

The world  is passing by.
Swallowing up.
Scene after scene.
Coming and disappearing again.

Seen by what I am.
All moves in me.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Impediments ?

If you are looking for being on a high all day 
as your version of enlightenment,  
you better take some pills.

As far as i know it does not exist.
What goes up comes down.

Rather notice that all is happening in what you are.

You are that space in which all appears.
This is freedom from the relative.

Then anything and everything 
can and does happen and it is fine.
This includes death, depression 
and any kind of emotion.

I have known poverty and hunger, 
seen death and gone through separation 
and truly these are not impediments 
to knowing who and what you are.

Do not be fooled by externals,  
look,  notice that you are That
in which all takes place.

This is your true home,  
your identity.
You are That.


Does it matter to the immaculate unknowable Something
that groggyness and dullness are here?

Does it make a dent in its unmoving nature to see
that there is a being busy with family stories?

Does this pristine aware unchanging space 
have an opinion about the kind of food that is eaten 
or the kind of liquids that are drunk?

It would not be freedom if 
there would be any condition, isn't it?

It is unconditional wholeness 
and includes all and everything.

All the stories of humanity 
are playing out in This as This.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hit by the infinite

Dullness after waking up, 
as the night shift is in full swing. 
Cars are passing by the canal in front of the house.

A neighbor next door is talking to someone,
slams her door and runs down the stairs.
There is still daylight and i get ready for my shift.

A interview was done a few days ago,   
it was unprepared, spontaneous.  
The first interview on this subject.
And the recognition that this aware space 
which is our home,  our being,  
our normal day to day awareness with all
that takes place becomes more alive,  happy,  
flowing once one talks about it.

As soon as you open your mouth and 
try to talk about the unspeakable
there is something of That which comes through.

It makes one happy to talk about it.   
It makes people happy to see and hear it.
Not because of the words,  
it is because of the energy coming through.   

The resonance.

That is why teachers talk,  
and people go to satsangs and workshops.

To get hit by the infinite.

Here is a link,  
it is in Dutch.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


What we are is always already operating, 
in place.
It is already the immediate perception of 
what is.

Of what, 
at this moment takes place.

The immediate perception of the senses.
The noticing of thoughts and feelings.

It is already registering 
at every moment what is.

Moment by moment.

Already in place.
Information coming in. 

Experiencing going on,
Now and 
now and 

There is nothing in the way of 
this immediate functioning.
It is already the case.
For everybody.

We do not notice it much 
as all our attention goes into
believing the thoughts.

Goes into the idea of being a person. 

And the functioning 
which is already going on is 
in the background.

Is on the back burner.
Hardly noticed.
But all the while already there.

And nothing stands in the way 
of noticing the immediate perception
Here and Now.

We do not have to meditate, 
stand on our heads, 
go to India.

It is already taking place. 

Just have a look.

Notice it.


What is, is always
present and aware.

In This and as This 
all the drama's of the world are playing out.

This, what we are, 
what perceives
does not have preferences.
It notices preferences appearing.

This perceiving something 
we are is choiceless.
But it notices choices being made.

This, present aware something is not a person.
But notices this pseudo identity playing its stories.
Notices the preferences, choices being made 
through this body mind set up 
which are part of the total drama of Life.

Perceiving everything that is happening 
is all there is to it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Friday, May 4, 2012

Who knows

There is no person doing anything.
Things are just happening.
Life expressing itself in this or that way.

Why is this not seen?

Also life just happening, playing the
game of not seeing It ( yet ?)

Will this ever be seen?

By whom?

Who knows.

Thursday, May 3, 2012