Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heaven is Now

There is ever only this moment.

And we are under the impression 
that this moment is not good enough.
This moment is lacking.
We come up with all kinds of arguments 
to support our belief that this is true.

The world is going down,  
and we need to work hard to make it a better place.

I still notice egoistic tendencies in me,  
they should not be there,
it should be all already surrendered to the Divine.
You see, there is still something wrong with me.

It is often an innate sense of unease,  
something so close and sticking to
us that we do not even notice it.  
Except that it tells us that this moment
is not enough.  
It sets us off on all kinds of projects to improve,
to seek solutions,  to labour,  and sweat, 
because in the future it will be better.

But this future never arrives.

It is in moments of happiness 
of being stunned into Oneness through
e.g. falling in love, or through Grace, 
that we notice that this sense of unease has left us. 

We are fully in the present moment.
And we want more of this.
We want more,  because it feels so good.
So once we fall again down from 
the heights of happiness we even have more
arguments to support our idea that there is 
something out there for us to reach.

The golden pot at the end of the rainbow.
Some kind of heaven.

But if we pause to consider...
Now is all we ever got, all we ever have.
There is nothing else.
All ideas about a someone who has to improve
about a world which has to improve,
only happen as ideas in this moment.

Without the ideas of something being wrong, 
there is the immediate sensing, perceiving, 
noticing, seeing, knowing 
going on effortlessly.

And in this noticing unease might be there, 
or irritation, anything at all.
All of life shows its many moods
and everything is noticed and passes.

It passes as there is not a someone 
who hooks on the idea that it should be different.  
Who keeps perpetuating the story, the sense of unease.

The simplicity and immediacy are staggering,  
and the result is an effortless noticing 
of everything which occurs.

Problems are only there for a believed in person.
Without the idea of a person there are no problems.

Welcome to heaven
Heaven is Now

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