Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Early morning,  every day,
a lone babbler pecks furiously at its reflection
on the stainless steel container of the solar water heater.
Pecking,  flapping its wings,  and high sounding shrieks.

At war with its image.

Its sisters ( they are commonly called the Seven Sisters )
fly,  glide,  and babble unconcerned.
They do not find fault with themselves and/or the world.
 ( which is the same in any case )

The simplicity of this perspective is so amazing,
that it seems silly to even open your mouth and say something.
Or sit in front of a laptop and write something about it.

Its too obviously just here,
Just all there is.
The direct cognition
without interpretation
ever present.

Stop in your tracks and look.
This is It.

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