Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Are they true?  

Or they seem clear and we just assume that 
they are true because there is clarity?

How do we know?   
How do we know anything?

And how can this passion for truth 
lead to anything anyway, 
as at the end of everything,  
when one really goes to the end,  
there is nothing.   

Everything falls apart,  
returns to source.  

At the end of everything is Nothing.   
And at the beginning as well.

All expressions,  all intimations,  
insights,  come up and disappear.  
Born out of Emptiness and returns.   
Only Emptiness remains.

Insights can point to the direction of truth 
at the moment of expression,   
but then they are instantly passed their prime. 
Their moment of glory is immediate, 
never to return.
The pointing to what Is, 
eternal and unchanging is true,   
is real.
Is the golden grail all through the ages,  
the alchemist gold,  
the description of nirvana,  
the diamond of the sutras.  
But the language used to express becomes 
archaic and out dated in no time.  
As This is ever fresh and new,  
and cannot be captured by any word,  
not even the most sublime 
as it defies all descriptions. 
It is beyond the known,  
beyond language,  
beyond labels,  
it is always pristine,  
always experienced in the ever present Now.   
It is the ever ongoing open experiencing 
of all that is. 
Try as you might,  
you will never not be this, 

As this is All there.

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