Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The story of separation

Knowing This to be what one is means 
seeing that one cannot be this and that.

a person,  
and an other.

As This is all there is. 

One sees the phenomenality of existence 
but knows that nothing experienced 
in any way is what we are.  
The belief has gone out of everything:  
the belief in being a person,
the belief in right and wrong, 
the belief in a better future,
the belief in working for ideals and dreams.  

It is the utter plain seeing of reality.   
Seeing  Knowing Ungoing

There cannot be something apart from This,   
from Oneness.  
The story of a person goes.
The story of everything goes. 
Existence is experienced 
but the separation is gone. 

Things are just taking place.

Life goes on but without the belief 
in the story of separation.

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