Sunday, September 15, 2013


2 months ago we started an Auroville Nondual Meetup group.

Nonduality being fairly unknown in Auroville 
we thought to put it up as a possibility where people 
with this interest could meet. 
Exchange views and  insights.  
And share the joy of discovering. 

In India of course there is a deep tradition of
Nonduality or Advaita. 
With names like Ramana Maharshi,  Nisargadatta,  
just to name a few.   

And there are places where advaita is attracting 
many who are interested in this topic,  
like Rishikesh or Tiruvanamalai.  

To our surprise young people from neighbouring cities 
like Chennai and Pondicherry are joining our meetings.   
They see our Meetup announcement and come 
with an openness and curiosity.  

They have never heard of Nisargadatta, Ramesh Balsekar. 
And they love this unadorned message.  
Free from tradition,  worship and incense. 

Just the exploration into what we truly are.

Nothing standing in between you and anything.

Only This.

This is all there is.

Just This.

You are the acceptance of what is.

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