Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The conversation

The conversation 
this morning 
where the soft sand gave way
when my bare foot came down, 
the dew drops from the grass
gushing down the ankle
and the sound of small twigs breaking
on the forest floor.

The conversation
yesterday with acro yoga
with the weight and delicate finding of ease
as one balances in midair upside down on
some other bodies feet.
Not knowing anymore where one body starts
and the other begins.
Only sensations are perceived
of stretching, balancing, weight, movement
and the world seen from unusual angles.

The conversation
at all times on going
as one moves and sees,
hears and smells
tastes and touches
all and everything that appears
in our field of perception.

A fullness and aliveness always there
but rarely noticed in richness and intensity
as most of our attention stays captivated by
the belief in the personal construct.

While at each moment a million things are going on
the narration of keeping the me alive
hijacks the direct perception
of what each moment is presented to us.

The Aliveness without filters.
What a rich a marvelous universe

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