Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scrambled eggs

Out of the ferns

sliding silent and smooth.

Two meters long and intense

across aeons of time.

Shaking out an old bed sheet

tiny gecko eggs.

white, tumble and crash.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

for hundreds of ants.

It is a rude awakening to realize
( often after decades of searching
that there is no enlightenment to get.   
That there is nothing to obtain, 
but everything to loose. 

This does not only mean that 
we can drop the search, 
but that we are asked to question the premise  
that we are a person.

Everything stands and falls by this identification.

Realizing who and what we are,
we fall into the discovery
of the emptiness of ones true nature
and the fullness of existence 

Everything is instantly and
intimately experienced 
at no distance of one self.

There is no separation 
anywhere to be found.

Check it out.... 

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