Monday, June 2, 2014

finding its way through the cracks...

Heeyy you daring one,
Do you feel the urge to step out of the prison?

Questioning Life?

What is the purpose?  

Who am I ?

Courageous you are doing this, going 

against conditioning, culture, upbringing.

And clear and strong to even 

be able to look at life this way.
After all people around you might 

think you are a little nuts isn't it?
Not understanding this drive and passion.

Where is this daring,  this clarity and strength
coming from? 

Did you fabricate this in your own 

little clarity and strength factory?

Or did you buy it yesterday at the corner shop?

Where does this urge originate?

If this message starts to wear down the vestiges
of the contracted identity,  
and one knows intellectually
that the person as such has no reality,
that the person was and is never real,
it might dawn that the urge
to free oneself is freedom itself
wanting to obliterate all that stands
in the way.

There never was a person looking for freedom.
Freedom is already finding its way
through the cracks.


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