Sunday, September 14, 2014

What kind of world?

What do we meet when we meet someone, a friend
or a casual contact?
What is it that resonates in us, or makes us recoil
and turn away?

How could we recognize anything if it did not
already correspond to something alive in us?

If it would be alien we would not recognize it.

When we fall in love with someone it is our own openness,
oneness and depth we fall into.
If we meet the anger and irritation from an apparent other
it is only recognized because it is already known to us.

We simply recognize everything as it 
comes into our field of awareness.

It only becomes a problem for an apparent individual who
creates a story that what appears should be different.
We resist and react. 

But if we find fault
we only make observations about ourselves
as Nisargadatta and Emerson are aptly telling us:

"First realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself
and stop finding fault with the reflection."

~ Nisargadatta

"People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world
is a confession of character."

~ Emerson


We only ever meet ourselves.

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