Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our ordinary everyday experience...

There is only Oneness.
Oneness is the substance of the Universe
and is already Self Aware.

If we can see the indivisible nature of Existence,
if we realize that there is nothing outside of This
it follows that we are It.

We are already Self Aware.
Aware of the fundamental nature of reality,
as we are.

Our everyday ordinary experience of what we call ourselves
is already Oneness having the ordinary everyday experience,
as there is nothing outside of This.

If there is enough interest and if we are moved to do so
we will be lead to observe ourselves and 
extricate all that tells us that we are not
already whole and complete.

All the thoughts which keep the story spinning 
around a fictitious me.
Everything that tells that we are separate and limited.

Behind and through our conditioning is 
the unlimited nature of beingness,
the nature of the universe
and our natural state.

All in One

Being aware of being aware.

Already Self Aware.


  1. This is it. This is always here now. Who's being aware of being aware? This. Who's allowing the questioning and who's seeing the questions dissipate? This. The obviousness of this moment. I'm feeling grateful for reading this. What is writing this and what is reading this, is the same being. Indivisible, open, intimate, immediate, one. Love & Blessings, Ray

  2. Beautiful comment,....Indeed there is only This... :-)
    Thanks for sharing.