Thursday, December 18, 2014


The  nature of Knowing is Knowing.

Knowing knows.

Knowing is impersonal.

Deals with actualities only.

Knowing does not get lost in past stories 
or projects into the future.
But it sees a thought of the past 
or the imaginings of tomorrow
appearing and disappearing

The Knowing knows a thought,  
a sight, a sound,
a feeling, a touch.  
All is known by Knowing.

It is clear and alive,
and always now.
Always present.

Never not Here

Other words for Knowing are Seeing, Being

In Knowing/Seeing/Being there is no separate object. 

The object-subject dynamic has collapsed.

There is only one Thing.

One Taste.

One Intimate tasting 
of all the different expressions
of and as Itself.

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