Sunday, April 12, 2015


We hear This, 

this message, 
so many times.

1000 ds of times.

Why does it not hit the mark 
and relieve us of our suffering?

Why does it not help us to 
reach our goal;
unending happiness and freedom?

We want to get rid of something 
or we want to acquire something, isn't it?,

In our haste of freeing ourselves,
or trying to get something or somewhere,
we overlook the fact that we might
not hear this message properly.

How do we understand?

With which eyes do we see?

Are the portals of perception 
free of ideas and beliefs?

Is there a possibility to receive
this message unfiltered?

Raw and alive?

Or do we hear these words endlessly
through the dead echoes
of the past?

Could this be blocking the clear view?

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