Monday, October 26, 2015

Are you 'done' yet ?

One is never 'done'..

Rather life will throw the things at us
which challenge us in our present position 
and location, as nothing is ever static.

Life is constant flux.
Of either growth or decay.

Once we are secure within a certain 
framework of understanding and 
therefor experiencing life in the way 
conform with this understanding 
we will be undeniably challenged one day.

Sooner or later Life comes knocking at our doors.

Where Life and Light cannot flow and shine
uninterrupted we will be shown all the small and big ways
where we are contracting and resisting.

But when surrendering happens because there is no more
resistance to the resistance, old pains can surface.
Can tell their stories of hurt, sadness, abandonment,
and release their charge.
Making more space.

The body becoming more present 
more here and now
as Presence finds more room to play.




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