Thursday, February 18, 2016

It is all about me

There is the habit
to make the things which happen to us 
about me, 

Which of course is natural and true 
because the me is 
the only constant in our lives.  

Everything is always happening
to this me, 
with this me, 
is observed by a me.

Ultimate subjectivity

This is the case with everyone, 
awakened, or not. 

An Avatar, or street bum makes no difference

This never changes, 
as long as there is a body, 
as long as there are senses 
this is the case.

It is always happening to or through this me.
With capital or not.

The difference is really 
knowing who or what we are 
underneath and beyond our conditioning

Who do we believe we are?
What have we taken in, 
all those years?

In all of us, 
growing up, 
a conceptual reality has over layed the direct perception.

We believe ourselves to be a someone separated from
the rest of existence
This we have conveniently
put outside of our skin..  ( so funny )
And created an inside and an outside.  

If through a process of decondioning, inquiry and insights
the filters which are obscuring our perception 
are disintegrating, we find out through experience 
that life without filters is the natural state.
Everything is directly perceived.

That is the difference.

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