Tuesday, May 31, 2016


What happens when we let go of concepts?

What if we are able to let go of all frameworks 
which up to now helped us to navigate this
big amorphous thing we call Life.
( Where we try make sense of the sensory perceptions,
the actions happening around us and through us.)

Can we let go of all beliefs, stories and 
the way we think the universe works?

Can we also let go of the Nondual jargon,
the Nondual way we have accostumed to look at ourselves and the world?

( Nonduality almost starts to reek after a cult.
Is it the beginning of a religion?
Words as Nondualism for instance...  What is that? )

Words are used within a context where there is a reference point, a duality.

The immediacy, the direct perception is already here, 
before words and concepts appear,
and does not need our understanding.  

It is the recognition.
moment to moment.

To be present with 
whatever is appearing.

No need to cut it up in me and the world
inside or outside
or spin a story around it.

Do we dare to let go 
and fall into the mystery?


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