Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunsets and Tidal waves

No separation is
experiencing without boundaries.
Differences exist are seen and noticed.
But everything is still felt as not separate from 
what I am.
Much in the same way an arm is different from
the pancreas or the left big toe, but all is still viewed and experienced as part of the body.

The whole of our experience at every moment.
It does not exclude anything.

Questions coming from an image of how enlightenment looks like frequently come up e.g. to ask if anger or other strong emotions still arises.

The image or expectation of what enlightenment or no separation looks like is never how it is.

It is the whole of our experience.
With everything that appears. 

In my experience right now, in the relaxation that follows when the primary contraction of erroneously experiencing ourselves separate from existence has fallen away, deeper and ever deeper layers of contracted energies are able to come out of hiding.
Coming up after years or lifetimes.
Traumas which were too painful then are coming up 
to be felt and experienced now.

Sunsets and killer whales
Baby seals and rabid dogs
Honeymoon and tidal waves
Daisies and dementia

All that comes up.
In the immediacy.

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