Sunday, August 21, 2016

Knock knock

Hi Good morning,

Where are we?
Well here of course

And are we really here?

Fully, wholly, holy?
with all of our attention and presence? 

Or are there some pieces missing?
not yet included?

Hanging outside our conscious awareness? 

Buried themselves as a tension in the guts,
an ache in the back
or a numbness, a deadening in parts of our anatomy.

Whether physical or psychological.

Better not to feel?

Or shall we allow them in this time?

Do we hear them knocking on our doors?
An unease,
a sadness,

When at last we can include them into our existence, 
feel their pain of rejection and hear their stories
we might discover riches we did not know existed.



  1. "Buried themselves as a tension in the guts"

    Yes, this nails it …

    Thank you Anamika